12 Days of Christmas: Day Nine

For me a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition filled with memories.  Even just a quick glimpse at someone’s tree gives you insight into their family traditions, likes, interests and hobbies…ornaments tell such a great story!  But even though I like a traditional Christmas tree…I also like new twists on old traditions so was excited to find this fun Christmas tree project.

Christmas TreesOne of the great things about this project is that it is quick, easy and inexpensive…all you need are cupcake liners, cardstock, a scissors, and scotch tape!

Tree DIYAnd while this isn’t a DIY blog if you are wondering how to make one of these for yourself the gist of the instructions is as follows (for more detailed instructions I’m guessing you can either google the project or look for it on Pinterest)…

1. Create a cone out of poster board or large cardstock (my mom and I googled this step)

2. Cut out the circle “bottom” of the cupcake liner…you’re left with what I think of as the hulu skirt part of the cupcake liner

3. Tape the liners around the bottom the cone.  You will likely need a couple of liners for the first row (unless you have a small cone!)

4. Tape the next row enough above the first layer to cover the scotch tape and then continue to the top of the tree!

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