12 Days of Christmas: Day Ten

What holiday party season is complete without an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?!?  Do a Google Image or Pinterest search for Ugly Christmas sweaters and you will be treated to an endless supply of pictures that are sure to brighten your day!

And being the creative people that we are (or at least that we think we are lol) my mom and I decided to make our own Ugly Sweaters this year…and guess what?!?  Mine was the winning entry at our family ugly sweater party!

Ugly Sweater

And yes, if you were wondering, that is a Christmas tree skirt (complete with tree sap!).  And yes, those are ornaments attached to the bottom to finish the look…and you can feel free to admit that you saw something this stylish in your most recent People magazine 😉

Ugly Sweater 2

My mom created this fabulous ugly sweater by gluing a felt and sparkly pop-pom tree to an old Christmas sweater…genius if you ask me 🙂

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