12 Days of Christmas: Day Twelve

I’m sure you’ve heard the cliche, “Save the best for last,” and these 12 days of Christmas are no different!  This is my favorite, and longest standing, Christmas tradition.  Every year growing up we would make gingerbread houses with my grandma and those are some of my most treasured Christmas memories.  Over time the patterns became worn with use, but each December we would pull out the recipe and patterns and create our masterpieces.  Regardless of what candy we used to decorate our houses, there were two things I learned from my grandma on how to build a house.

Gingerbread House Front

The first is the most important ingredient…patience!  When assembling the house it is absolutely important to be patient and wait until the frosting is fully dry before letting the house stand on its own and you get decorating!

Assembling the gingerbread house

The second is the importance of the right frosting…the frosting needs to be like glue so that the house remains standing when you load it up with candy.


This year was a very different gingerbread house building experience as this is the first Christmas since my grandma passed away, my sister is in Haiti and my brother is in South Carolina…so this gingerbread house is for them

Gingerbread House

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