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For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know that I strive to eat as clean as possible.  My biggest motivator for this, is that I have found that processed food gives me really bad migraines (like curl in a ball in a dark room kind of migraines) so while processed food can be tempting, I do try to limit what I consume (the occasional cupcake is okay!)  On this journey to eat clean I have found that I am most successful when I set aside the time each week to plan out a menu for the week, do all of the grocery shopping, and prep the food ahead of time.  This way when life gets crazy, and it always does, I’m prepared and don’t have to resort to too much processed food.

As I plan my menu for the week there are a few blogs that I frequent to find fresh, new recipes to try out, and so I wanted to share those with all of you!  I encourage you to go check out these blogs because they all offer recipes that are easy to make, use pretty normal ingredients (no need to hunt through five grocery stores to find the items on the ingredient list), and most importantly, they are yummy!

So, in no particular order, here are a few of my most frequented recipe blogs…

Lean Green Bean…Not all of the recipes on Lindsay’s blog are 100% clean but they are definitely healthy and many of them can be made clean pretty easily….I love easy recipes that don’t take up three hours of my day!  If you are looking for healthy recipes that are still full of flavor, this is the place to go!

Lean Green Bean | Girl on the Move Blog

The Gracious Pantry…The great thing about The Gracious Pantry is that Tiffany doesn’t just share clean recipes, she also offers little mini lessons on eating clean.  From the low down on flour to a Clean Eating 101 section just for people new to this whole eating clean lifestyle, this site is definitely a great resource that I check regularly.

Gracious Pantry | Girl on the Move Blog

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen…This is a new-to-me blog and can I just say that I am already in love and started to check this blog regularly when menu planning?!?  I love the creativity of the recipes and most importantly, the fact that they are clean, so eating them means no migraines!

Lexi's Clean Kitchen | Girl on the Move Blog

Two Peas and Their Pod…The recipes on Two Peas & Their Pod aren’t 100% clean, but I have found that a lot of them are pretty close or only need one or two minor tweaks to make them clean!  And if I ever need to make something to bring to a party where not everyone wants to eat clean, this is one of the first blogs I visit!  Also, there are loads of yummy cookie recipes on the site!

Two Peas And Their Pod | Girl on the Move Blog

Gimme Some Oven…My dream home has a fairly open floor plan, particularly the kitchen, dining, and living area.  I love being able to connect with people while I’m cooking and I think it makes cooking about so much more than just preparing food.  And that’s probably one of the reasons why I love Gimme Some Oven.  Ali doesn’t just share a recipe, she tells a story that makes you feel like you’re sitting at the kitchen island talking with her while she makes you a yummy dinner!   Again, the recipes are not 100% clean, but I have found that with one or two small tweaks I can make them clean.

Gimme Some Oven | Girl on the Move Blog

Are there any other blogs I should check out?!?

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