100 Day Change

150 days ago I began a running streak.  During my first run back on March 7 I had no idea how long this streak would last or where it would take me but by Day 30 I really started to notice a difference and by Day 100 I realized I had made a life change.  And then I started getting messages from other people who started their own running streaks and it hit me…every single one of us is capable of change if we take things one day at a time.

So I would like to invite you to join me in making a change in your life over the next 100 days.

This is not a program. This is not a system. This is not a 16-step plan. This is YOU picking ONE thing that you can do EVERY single day for 100 days

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Whether you are the President of the United States, a student getting ready to start 3rd grade, a stay-at-home mom, a small-business owner, a high-powered CEO or a college student, there is something you can improve about yourself during this 100 Day Change.

Join Girl on the Move for 100 Days of Change
What you need to do…

*Sign up HERE

*Invite others to join you on this journey. Even if you only find one friend to do this, it will be much easier to stick to it if you have someone you can check in with every day

*Select your daily mission (after you sign up you’ll receive an email with a guide to help you choose your mission)

*Complete your mission EVERY day for 100 days from August 17-November 24

*Share your progress on social media… #100DayChange and encourage others along the way


What you’ll get…

*100 Day Tracker

*Guide to help you set your daily mission

*Daily encouraging email (these will be super short!)

*I will encourage and support you along the way! Not sure what your daily mission should be? Let me know and I’ll help you brainstorm! Need some extra encouragement? Let me know so I can cheer you along!

Comment below and let me know, what is one thing you want to commit to doing EVERY day for 100 days?


Some ideas for your daily mission to get you started…

I will compliment my spouse

I will run at least one mile

I will send one hand-written card

I will make 5 business phone calls

I will keep a daily gratitude journal

I will exercise 10, 20, 30, or more minutes

I will eat 3 servings of vegetables

I will spend 20 minutes reading

I will do one nice thing for my brothers/sisters

I will set aside $5 for a Christmas fund

I will not drink any caffeine

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  1. Really nervous about starting this, I’m not the best at keeping goals. But, I will give it a shot. I am going to commit to exercising 10 minutes each day.

  2. I’m not the best at sticking with goals, but I am going to give this a shot. I am committing to exercising for 10 minutes per day for 100 days.

  3. I love challenges! I can’t live without them. I constantly come up with challenges for myself. The last few… 30-day challenge (I did various intense workout videos for a month to get back to pre-baby size 0). 30-days of reading (I read 100 pages every day) It’s not a good time for me to start a new challenge now because we are travelling for 2-weeks and then have house guests for another 2 weeks. But I will be sure to keep your website in mind and come back for motivation.

  4. I love this! I love the ideas as well, especially complementing our spouses– you would think it would be simple to say one nice thing a day, but I know many people who could use that challenge. And I also love the handwritten notes– I still send them, but they aren’t something many people receive.

    1. I love handwritten notes and think more people should take the time to send them! Messages via email, text, etc just tend to get lost in the shuffle of life but when I get “real” mail I take the time to sit down and really savor it!

  5. I’m in! I want to challenge myself to a daily workout that includes at least 50 sit-ups and a walk. I love the other ideas, too. Great way to give positive support to so many others. Thanks!

  6. I want to commit to building my business, so I will commit to making 5 contacts a day, whether phone, text,or Facebook.

  7. First, I just have to say, you are so inspiring! I FINALLY decided to add fitness back into my life and I started yesterday! But, I will definitely take on the challenge to continue!

    1. I’m so excited you’re doing the challenge and that we can connect in person about it next month!

  8. To be fully committed in lifestyle changes that are healthy which includes daily exercising of some type as well as eating healthier and being conscience of the eating choices that will improve my overall health and to lose weight the correct way and consistently.

  9. I would like to stay within my calorie goals for 100 days. For big run days more calories and less on rest days. I am also tempted to take out sugar. Maybe???

    1. I say go for it with taking out sugar! Or maybe at least make a goal to cut back on your sugar for 100 days…and then it will be the holidays and you can enjoy treats again. I am actually experimenting with this during August by giving up all treats and really limiting my sugar (there is some sugar in my fruit, etc)

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