Cupcakes in Chicago

Cupcake Adventures with Girl on the Move

I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen cupcakes on here, but I’m back today with a quick stop for cupcakes in Chicago for Travel Thursday!  If you’re newer to this blog than you might not know about my obsession with cupcakes, but I have a long standing love affair with cupcakes…as in I’ve been to over 75 cupcake shops around the country (and blogged about approximately 50 of them!)  I am all about overall being a fit and healthy traveller…but I splurge on cupcakes!  And in case you’re wondering…

Cupcakes and running with Girl on the Move

Tweet: If you’ve ever wondered how many cupcakes you can eat after running a race, @jmdenouden has your answer! #cupcakes

When I was in Chicago it only made sense to stop in and try a couple of shops…after my runs of course! My first stop was at Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique and I have two words for you…Frosting. Shots.

I mean do you even need another reason to pop into Sugar Bliss?  I don’t think so!

Sugar Bliss Cupcakes with Girl on the Move

My next stop was a cupcake truck…because that’s just genius!  Cupcakes for Courage is not just a regular cupcake, it’s a cupcake for a cause and I just absolutely love that!

Cupcakes in Chicago with Girl on the Move

What cupcake shops would you recommend I check out in future travels?  What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?

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  1. I loooove cupcakes! This post made me really want one and it’s only just after breakfast here! I’m a sucker for chocolate cupcakes they are my absolute favourite! I feel like I might have to plan a trip to Chicago and try these ones!

    • I will totally have to check them out next time I’m on the East Coast!!! I love getting new cupcake recommendations, so thank you!!

    • They’re not for everyone! Just like I don’t really enjoy most chocolate desserts…which most people think is just crazy!

    • Unfortunately the only cupcake places I’ve been to in NY have been chains that I’ve also had elsewhere but I know there are TONS of great cupcake places in NY…I’m hoping to get there in the next year or so to do a cupcake tour!

    • Cupcakes are definitely one of the reasons I run!!! Although I’m not sure I’ve run enough to compensate for the cupcakes I’ve eaten 😉

  2. I love cupcakes! I was just at a wedding recently and their dessert was lime cupcakes, they were delicious! I think I need to run just looking at this post!

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