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We’re back for Day Nine of the 12 Days of Blogmas…all about Healthy Holidays!  And since I mostly blog about travel and fitness I’m sure you can imagine this is a topic I love!  Here’s the thing about the holiday season…it’s okay to enjoy a few treats (cupcake anyone?!?) and eat things you might not otherwise eat the other 11 months of the year…but let’s be reasonable about it!  If your Aunt Ingrid makes the most amazing Christmas cookies in the world, don’t eat eight of them!  Enjoy one now and take one home from the party to eat later.  So here are a few tips for staying healthy during the holidays…

Sharing tips for staying healthy during the holiday season

Take time to be active…if you’re going to be eating a little more than usual and eating different foods than usual, it’s important to balance those choices with making it a priority to be active!  Even though it can be tempting during a busy season of parties, family time, etc…schedule in time to be active.  Take a family trip to the ice skating rink, walk around a neighborhood looking at Christmas lights instead of driving, fit in a workout each morning…get creative, but get moving!

Choose your indulgences carefully…if you’re obsessed with Aunt Ingrid’s cookies, then skip the so-so ones from your other aunt…don’t indulge on everything available!

Practice portion control…remember the cookie example!  It applies here.  Don’t eat eight cookies or four helpings of your grandmother’s lasagna.

Plate your food…If you’re at a holiday party instead of grazing at the buffet all night long…because you’ll end up eating a TON, prepare a plate of food and then stick to that!

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Celebrate #12DaysofBlogmas with tons of holiday fun!

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  1. Taking time to be active is my favorite! We take a walk or a hike after Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas day. I enjoy the cooler weather outside to do these things!

  2. I really like the idea of skipping things you’re not CRAZY over to allow a treat of something you just can’t live without! Also, I love your honesty that the affiliate money helps you buy running shoes and cupcakes- my kind of friend!

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