Cupcake Adventures – Sift Dessert Bar

Let the Cupcake Adventures continue with a stop at Sift Dessert Bar in Petaluma, CA!  When I travel I’m always on the lookout for a fun, new cupcake shop to try.  Reader recommendations, Google searches, Yelp reviews and Instagram searches all help me discover new cupcake shops.  And my trip to Sift Dessert Bar to try was not a disappoint!

Not only do they have a delicious variety of cupcake flavors, they have frosting shots.  Frosting shots y’all!!  I don’t know what it is about frosting shots but anytime I see a cupcake shop selling them, my heart just gets excited!  Frosting is a big part of how I form my opinion of a cupcake shop so I think the frosting shots are a great way of sampling a variety of frosting flavors.

So the big question is…how does Sift Dessert Bar measure up to my cupcake trifecta?

Moist cake?  Check!  Fortunately I visited Sift Dessert Bar with my family so it was much easier to sample a variety of flavors (when I visit places on my own I just look glutenous!) and there were no dry flavors!

Frosting too sweet? The frosting was excellent…especially the lemon frosting!  And in case you were wondering…lemon is my default favorite cupcake!

Cake to frosting ratio? A really outstanding ratio!  I rarely, if ever, see cupcakes with too little frosting.  But I often see cupcakes with too much frosting…but that wasn’t the case here at Sift Dessert Bar.

Bottom line…if you’re in the greater San Francisco area, be sure to look up the Sift Dessert Bar locations and stop by to try one of their delicious cupcakes!

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