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My 2019 Travel Plans

It’s difficult to believe we’re already halfway through January! It feels like we were just opening the Christmas presents and it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Before we get too far into the year I wanted to take a minute to share my 2019 travel plans. There are two main reasons for sharing these plans…

  1. I hope one (or more) of these trips inspires your travel in 2019!
  2. I need your tips! If you’ve been to any of these places or have read great blog posts about these places, please drop links and tips into the comments below! A lot of these trips are new locations so I need your advice!

And now a look at my 2019 travel plans…


Central California – Route 1

I’m taking a trip to finish up my tour of the 21 California Missions. I’ve been to 17 of the 21 and I’m excited to visit the final four. All four are located in Central California on Route 1 – Pacific Coast Highway – so it will definitely be a scenic trip!


San Diego, California

I’ll be heading to San Diego for a work conference and decided to add on a day or two for some sightseeing. The weather in San Diego during the winter is absolute perfection and although I’ve been there before, there is a lot I still haven’t seen!


Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

I always try to sneak in one or two sightseeing activities while I’m in Haiti, but the main purpose of my trip is to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews! Because seriously, who can resist this face?!?

It's time to start making your 2019 travel plans! Here's a look at what I have planned this year to help inspire your 2019 travels.



Here’s where the crazy travel begins! I’ve spent three weeks in Spain, but this is my first time in Europe beyond that. And I believe you should go big or go home, so I’m heading to England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland. If you have any thoughts on where to say, what to see, or what to eat, I’ll take them all!


North Dakota & Montana

Once this trip is complete I’ll have been to ALL 50 states!! I have been waiting for this trip for a couple of years now since I crossed off states 45-48. But the time has come to visit these last two states!

July – December

I’m not sure yet! I have a list of trips I’d like to take in 2019 but planning the trips already on my calendar has kept me so busy I haven’t had a chance to make travel plans for the second half of the year. Do you have any suggestions? If you do, please leave them below so I can start planning more adventures!

What about you? Where are you going in 2019? I’d love to hear all about your 2019 travel plans in the comments below.

P.S. If you’d like to know more about my Haiti travel you can check out More Than An Earthquake and Cupcakes in Haiti.

Ile à Rats, Haiti


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