24 Hours in Bath, England

The first stop of my Europe 2019 trip was in Bath, England. With only about 24 hours in Bath, I knew I needed to make the most of my time! Fortunately I didn’t really have any jet lag so I could pack in the sights, sounds, and tastes for a memorable 24 hours in Bath, England.

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When I arrived I took a quick walk around town to get a little fresh air after two flights and a bus ride from LA to London. I grabbed a quick dinner at Franco Manca, courtesy of a suggestion from an England based blogger. (Travel Tip: Try to follow some local bloggers while you’re planning your trip for suggestions beyond the typical tourist spots.)

Beechen Cliff

I have learned while traveling that there are quite a few advantages to being an early bird, and gorgeous views without crowds is pretty high on the list. I started my morning with a hike to Alexandra Park and the views from Beechen Cliff. Being able to see the whole city from above, really allowed me to really see the distinctive coloring of the city. This coloring is one of the reasons Bath is a World Heritage City, not just one site being labeled a World Heritage Site, but the whole city collectively labeled a World Heritage City.

Roman Baths

When I think of the Roman Empire I think of the Mediterranean, but I forget that the Romans expanded all the way into the south of England. The Roman Baths are probably the most well-known attraction in Bath, so if you only have 24 hours in Bath, I would highly recommend a visit. Built by 76 AD, the Roman Baths are remarkable when you think about just how long they have been there. And no visit would be complete without tasting the spa water…I can’t say I liked the taste, but I can at least say I’ve tasted the water! One of my favorite views at the Roman Baths was from the corner where you could also see Bath Abbey.

Sally Lunn’s Eating House

I’m not sure a trip to Bath would be complete without eating a world famous Bath Bunn. There are countless blog posts arguing the merits of several different options in town, but I decided to go with Sally Lunn’s Eating House. As one of the oldest houses in Bath I figured this would be a good look at the history of Bath, and I was not disappointed. There are both Sweet and Savoury bunns and I went savoury because my brother would be so disappointed with me if I passed up a chance to have bacon.

Mayor of Bath’s Free Walking Tours

There are two things I like to do whenever I visit a new city, preferably early in my stay…(1) Take a walking tour and (2) climb to the highest point in the city. This plan helps me get the lay of the land, learn history I wouldn’t learn by just walking around on my own, and then seeing the landmarks from a bird’s eye view. Bath is unique in that there is truly a free walking tour available. The Mayor of Bath’s Free Walking Tours depart every day from The Roman Baths and the incredibly knowledgable volunteer guides are a wealth of information. Every tour is just a bit different so I will definitely do this again on future visits but I enjoyed visiting the Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park,

Bath Abbey

Climb the 212 steps to the top of the tower of Bath Abbey for an unrivaled view of the city. Throughout the climb we stopped to learn about the history of the tower, sit behind the clock’s face, and learn about the 10 bells in the tower. One of my favorite views at Bath Abbey was the reverse of my favorite view from the Roman Baths. Once you climb the Abbey you can see a great bird’s eye view of the Roman Baths.

With only 24 hours in Bath, here's how to plan your day: Bath Abbey, free walking tour, Roman Bath's, Sally Lunn's Bath Bunn, Royal Crescent and more.

The White Hart Inn

Dinner at The White Hart Inn came at the recommendation of my Airbnb host. I love getting recommendations from locals to help venture outside the tourist part of town. I feel like this gave me a chance to eat with locals instead of other tourists. My goat’s cheese, cheddar and chive souffle with rocket & parmesan salad was absolutely delicious. This salad marked the beginning of my summer-long love affair with rocket & parmesan salad. I also learned that it is easy to find a table without reservations if you are dining solo and willing to eat at 6p. Since I prefer to be up early, instead of out late, eating dinner at 6p works for me! Also, please note the iconic telephone booth…my British loving heart was happy!

With only 24 hours in Bath, here's how to plan your day: Bath Abbey, free walking tour, Roman Bath's, Sally Lunn's Bath Bunn, Royal Crescent and more.

Literary Connections

Frankenstein was written in Bath in 1816-1817 by Mary Shelley.

For fans of Jane Austen, Bath is a must-visit. The Jane Austen Centre is a small museum where you can learn all about the life of Jane Austen. For the full English experience, you can also stop for tea in the Regency Tea Room.

To see more of my European adventures head HERE and I’d love to hear…have you been to Bath? If you’ve never been, what looks most interesting to you? Have you visited a city similar to Bath that you’d recommend?

With only 24 hours in Bath, here's how to plan your day: Bath Abbey, free walking tour, Roman Bath's, Sally Lunn's Bath Bunn, Royal Crescent and more.
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