A Girl on the Move

If the last few months weren’t enough evidence that I’m a girl on the move, now I really am a girl on the move.  As in I’m packing up my condo and moving! I have approximately two-and-a-half weeks until I need to be all packed up and moved out of my condo which means that right now my life looks a lot like this…

And if you’re wondering where I’m moving to, I’ll be spending the first two months in Southern California (my momma is so excited!) and then I’m figuring out what comes next after that.

So if you’re in California and want to hang out (or have a Thirty-One party 😉 ), let me know!

And if you’re in Philadelphia and want to hang out before I’m gone for two months, let me know!

And if you live somewhere in the middle and want me to stop by and see you on my cross country drive, let me know!

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