A Look Back at 2012

In a world where we are trained to go, go, go I think it is important to stop and take time to reflect from time to time.  And when I look back at 2012 there are moments that I would just as soon forget, moments that I didn’t enjoy, but that I wouldn’t trade because of how they helped me become a better person and moments, like the ones below, that bring a smile to my face.

Retirement!  I retired from teaching in June…what and big and scary decision that was and now six months later I can’t say that I regret that decision.

– I have had so many yummy cupcakes this year from sea to shining sea and it would be virtually impossible to pick my favorite, but I will say this…if you have the chance to sample any of the cupcakes I tried this year, don’t pass up the opportunity!

– I am once again living near my family and I love that I am now able to attend birthday parties, game nights and family lunches

– I am now a full-time consultant with Thirty-One and I can truly say that I love my job.  Like a lot.  I have a job that allows me to set my own hours, empower other women to not just dream big but to achieve their dreams, build friendships with amazing women all across the country, and have access to some pretty fabulous products!

– This year I was able to travel and spend time in Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and then of course my big road trip adventure driving from Philly to Cali


What’s coming in 2013?!?  Check back tomorrow for some of the things I’m looking forward to in the coming year!

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