A Runner Goes to Class

My fitness activity of choice is running.  Running helps me clear my head.  Running is when I brainstorm some of my best ideas.  Running energizes me.  The bottom line is that I love running!

But in an effort to vary my workout routine, I decided it was time to try a few classes at the gym.   So I set off to try cycling, Zumba, and barre and wanted to share my experiences as a runner goes to class with you!  I hope you feel inspired to check out a new class or even take a class at all! Runner Goes to Class | Girl on the Move Blog

The first class I checked out was a cycling class.  I hardly even have words for this one because my body was protesting almost the entire class.  The hills had my legs shaking and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the end of the class.  It also didn’t help that due to the loud music I wasn’t able to hear all of the instructions from the instructor so I’m not sure if I was always at the correct RPM’s.

Conclusion: I think I’ll stick to my biking with my beach cruiser down at the beach!

Next up was zumba class.  This was just about as much of a cardio workout as the cycle class, but way more fun!  Here’s the problem…I think I might have two left feet!  Which is really a shame because I love dancing (I watch Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance faithfully) and I wish I was good.  But alas, I am not!  However, one thing about zumba is that there is probably someone in the room with less coordination than you…so that makes me feel a little bit better.  The class I went to featured a great playlist and was fun

Conclusion: As long as my classmates don’t mind that I look a little goofy, I’ll definitely be trying this one again!

Finally, I headed to barre class.  I had heard from multiple people that although it might not look like a challenging workout, looks could be deceiving.  By about our ten thousandth squat, I had to agree!  And two pound weights might look incredibly easy, but when used for so many repetitions, they start to feel like hundred pound weights.  Our instructor had a great playlist and I gained a whole new appreciation for ballerinas through this class!  Barre is all about tiny movements but when you are doing squats on your tip toes, the movements seems anything but small!

Conclusion: I actually really liked this class and can’t wait to go back!  I got a great workout and it pushed me in ways that running doesn’t.

A couple of overall thoughts on my experiences with these classes…there is absolutely no way I would have survived theses classes if I hadn’t had my awesome sister with me!  My sister is a great motivator and I’m grateful we were able to go together.  I also think the instructor makes a huge difference so I will be trying some of these classes, and a few others, to see if maybe a different instructor would make a difference in my opinion of the class.  The bottom line is that I will not be giving up running anytime soon, but it felt good to switch it up a little bit!

What is your favorite class at the gym?  Do you have any recommendations of other classes I should try?


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