Cupcake Adventure: babycakes: fresh. simple. scratch-baked goods.

I realized that if I’m going to be traveling so much I should be trying cupcakes from all of the places that I visit!  I mean what better way to combine two of the things I love…traveling and cupcakes?!?

And so before I set off on my recent road trip I first did a quick Google search to try and find a few cupcakes along the way.  My first stop on the trip was in Richmond, VA at babycakes.

I picked two cupcakes to try, the Nuddy Buddy and the Key.

The Nuddy Buddy was for my brother and was a “chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting.”

The Key was mine and was a “moist vanilla cake topped with key lime cream cheese frosting and lime zest.” I love the freshness of limes in the summer and cream cheese frosting (or really anything cream cheese) is a weakness of mine so I loved the combination!

Babycakes is definitely a “must-stop” place if you are passing through Richmond, VA!

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