Being Content

In the last few weeks I’ve heard the same message over and over from all different sources…blogs I follow, quotes on Pinterest, sermons at church, conversations with friends…and once I heard the message five, six and twelve times in a matter of just a few weeks I started to think it might be time for me to listen.

Be Content (Source…Google images)

According to the dictionary, being content means, “Desiring no more than what one has.”  The dictionary’s definition makes it sound simple to be content and yet it is something that I find to be really difficult.  I can so easily get caught up in thinking about what I don’t have or what I wish was different about my life, that I forget to enjoy and appreciate what I do have.

I have to admit that there were quite a few times during 2013 that I wasn’t content.  But looking forward to 2014, I want to be more content this year.

One blog that I read summed it up so well as they talked about how we sometimes wait and wait and wait for amazing things, and we can spend so much time and energy focused on the waiting that, “We miss the amazing that was there all along.” (Thistlewood Farms)

I don’t want to miss the amazing any more.

What are your resolutions for 2014?


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