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The last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network and I want to share a little bit about my experience and offer you some blogging advice.

Bigs and Littles Network
What is Bigs & Littles?
This is a partnering of bloggers to teach, to learn and to grow that lasts two months. In the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network big & little bloggers are matched together. Each of us regardless of size or experience has something we can give back to others. Throughout this program you will have the ability to build a new friendship, share experiences, teach, and learn.  We know that sometimes in the beginning days of our blogs we were frustrated, even sometimes now we just need a little blogging advice. We just felt that sometimes we were at a lost, with no one to help us understand  how blogging worked. This is something that we feel never changes, yes our blogs have grown tremendously, but with that comes a whole new set of issues that arise.

Have you ever felt the same? Well we can tell you that sometimes asking another blogger questions and advice can be quite frustrating and intimidating. Well if you are looking for a way to meet someone to share advice and just someone to lean on through your blogging experience, then this may be the perfect program for you.

Want help designing our blog, learning how to grow your blog, or just some general advice then we suggest that you take a moment to contemplate this program!

Bigs and Littles Network Amanda
Meet Amanda

I was partnered with Amanda and here’s the first thing I noticed about her…her Twitter account and blog both professed her love of cupcakes…so you just know this was going to be a good match! Amanda’s been blogging for a year (she just celebrated her one-year blogging anniversary) and she lives in North Dakota. Blogging is Best With Others

My Bigs & Littles Network Experience

There were several things I gained from this experience but I just want to touch on my biggest takeaway…blogging is done best with others. Blogging can be somewhat lonely because you spend so much time working on your own behind your computer to create blog content, but the truth is that when you connect with others your blog will improve. This experience helped me connect with another blogger and it’s just helpful to have somewhere you can ask questions…instead of spending hours searching google! So whether you sign up for the next round of the Bigs & Littles Network (I believe in January), or find a blogging tribe, or email me (girlonthemoveblog01 @ gmail . com) and ask to be blogging buddies, I would encourage you to connect with other bloggers…its makes a world of difference

Feel free to take a minute to meet the hosts of the Bigs & Littles Network…Chelsee, Kristyn, Deb, Tiffany, and Christine

I’d love to hear, how do you connect with other bloggers?

Also, if you’re looking to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan check out this Holiday Sweat Challenge…it’s going to be amazing!  And if you sign up, be sure to mention my blog as your referral!


  • Meaghan

    I started a tribe with a group of amazing women! Not only do we bounce questions and ideas off each other but they are my island of support on my blogging journey in a sea of people who either don’t understand or don’t support my passion for blogging. They have made a world of difference for me and I totally agree that blogging should not be a solitary endeavor!


  • Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging. In Australia there seems to be a really supportive vibe to the blogging community which I love. I have a group of bloggers who live in the same state as me and we talk all the time and meet up every now and then.

  • Paula

    I had not heard of this group before, but I’m definitely going to check it out. I’m visiting from SITS, which is a great way to make blogging friends. I’ve met a good group of bloggers through both (in)Courage and by taking Holly Becker’s “Blogging Your Way” e-course.
    Paula @ Welcoming Spirit


      I think that’s the beauty of the internet…that even if you don’t physically live near someone you can still connect and support online!

  • Savvy

    This is a great idea. Despite having been blogging for a long time I still consider myself a little blogger. One thing I know the best part about blogging is meeting other bloggers. I would love to participate in something like this.

  • Jasbir @jasbeeray

    I do need a tribe. My only.point of reference has been googles. What you suggested would be great. Sure to drop you an email. Need some blogging buddies! Stopping from sharefest, A cuppa for my thoughts

  • Kirsten

    Great post with some wonderful advice. Everything in my blogging world changed when I started making connections with other bloggers. It’s such an important part of the entire experience. I love my blogging community!

  • Karen Olson

    This is such a great thing. Now that my site is running smoothly I am on the lookout for my tribe. I have to admit I don’t think I have really found it yet. Looking forward to continued advise and encouragement.


      Tribes are so key! If you’re looking for one I would start by reaching out to another blogger or two in your niche and see if they have a tribe you can join or if they’d be interested in starting a tribe

  • Holly

    Hello my dear! yet another awesome post. I tried to look this up, because you know me… always looking for something new to try. For whatever reason I can’t find where to sign up for this. If you have more info on it will you tweet me or email me? This sounds really awesome and I am all about learning from others and contributing to what others can learn 🙂

  • Laura

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! I will definitely have a look. I am looking for some accountability partners and bloggers I can learn from, share successes and failures and become inspired. You are very right: Blogging is about community!


      I believe the next Bigs & Littles will be in January so definitely check it out then and sign up because you’re right, blogging is about community!

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