Cupcake Adventures: Billy Vanilly

As my journey across America continues I made another stop for cupcakes in Topeka, KS at Billy Vanilly…Kansas’ first cupcake store and voted Best of Topeka in 2012.

I knew I was in for a treat when I pulled into the parking lot and saw this sign by each parking space!

Billy Vanilly offers regular flavors plus they feature rotating flavors of the day in three sizes…regular, big kid size or preemie size.  I sampled three cupcakes in the preemie size…I Love Lemon, Cookie Dough, and their signature flavor Billy Vanilly.  Of the three, the I Love Lemon was my favorite.

As I’ve said before I think one key to a successful business (or party, event, or gift) is all in the small details.  And that is no exception with Billy Vanilly…I appreciated that they had lots of seating available to their customers and that they offered frosting shots for purchase.  Because sometimes you just need a quick shot of frosting!

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