Blog Staycation: It’s a Wrap!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a blogger who didn’t have a to do list a mile long.  There are posts to write, brands to contact, pitches to put together, social media updates, and the list goes on and on…so what’s a blogger to do?!?  I was in that exact position a year ago so I teamed up with a couple of other bloggers and we created the Blog Staycation.  The purpose is to create a dedicated amount of time for bloggers to work on simple updates, connect with other bloggers, share blogging resources, learn from other bloggers and tackle their blogging to do lists…all from the comfort of their own home…or their local coffee shop!  We’ve grown since our first Staycation a year ago and now bloggers from around the world take part and we officially host three Staycations a year (January, late spring, and September)

This past weekend was our third round of the Blog Staycation and as we wrap up this one, we already looking ahead to round 4.  So, mark your calendars for our next Blog Staycation…January 14-17, 2016…that’s right, it’s time to start making plans for 2016!!!  If you’re interested in joining us, take a quick minute to fill out this form so we can keep you updated as we get closer!

Blog Staycation

Now on to what I was able to accomplish during the Blog Staycation…

Most of what I did is not visible here on the blog, (I updated some tags and categories but you’d probably need to be a super sleuth to find them!) but is pretty awesome none the less!

  • One of my blogging dreams is to host blogging retreats…ideally a series of retreats around the country…but I’ll start with one!  So I used this weekend to put together a tentative plan to make this dream a reality
  • I did some behind the scenes work on my new travel link up…Be Inspired: Travel Tales…and if you have any travel related posts on your blog or you just need to take a virtual vacation, this is the link up for you!
  • Worked on my plan for using Periscope the next few months…if you want to see how this turns out be sure to follow me on Periscope…@jmdenouden
  • Wrote several blog posts

I’d love to hear from you…What are your thoughts on a blogging retreat?  What is something on your blogging to do list? Have you been using Periscope…if you have, let’s connect!

Now here’s a look at what other bloggers did during the Blog Staycation…


  1. As always I love the Blog Staycation! I was able to redesign my blog (I’ll be revealing it later this week) as well as get the rest of Sept and into Oct posts written! Not to mention made some progress with increasing my monetization potential! Thanks again!!

    1. Can’t wait to see your site redesign…I’ve been wanting to do mine for a while so hopefully this will motivate and inspire me! And way to go on getting all of those posts written!

    1. We would love to have you join us for upcoming blog staycations and you can sign up for more info at the tab at the top of my blog. If you’re interested in the blogging retreat let me know and I will add you to an “interested” list!

    1. So glad to hear you love the idea of a blogging retreat…this is truly a dream I’d love to turn into a reality and I’d love to have bloggers like you join!

  2. Wow a blogger retreat sounds amazing. If I could travel, I certainly would be up for this.
    I would like to see updates of it though, that is for sure.
    I have no idea what periscope is, but I am off to find out, wish me luck (Took me a year to work out instagram) haha!

  3. This sounds like such a great use of time! I try and do a (less intense) version of this most weekends so that I’m not overwhelmed throughout the working week!
    Michelle x

  4. Looking forward to trying out a blog staycation. Such a great idea! I feel like i’m always squeezing in blog time to the rest of my schedule. Could definitely make use of a set of time dedicated to growing my blog.

  5. Love the idea of blog staycation! Don’t tell– but I stayed home “sick” a few weeks ago {really I was just exhausted from Pike’s Peak} and spent the entire day working on my blog. I’m not sure what January holds, but I’m filling out your form so I can stay in the loop 🙂

  6. I love this idea! the problem i would have with it is my family: they’d never let me “get away” long enough to do more than a 2 hour “stay”!!!! ha!

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