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Blog Staycation: Round 3

The time has once again come for our Blog Staycation!  Before we get to all of the details and exciting updates, if you just want to jump ahead to the part where you sign up to join us, you can do that HERE!

Now onto the details and exciting updates…

What is the Blog Staycation?

The Blog Staycation was created as a way for bloggers to dedicate time to their blog to work on simple updates, connect with other bloggers, share blogging resources, and tackle their blogging to do lists…without ever leaving your home…or your neighborhood coffee shop!  You’ll dedicate a weekend (or even just a day during the weekend) to working on your blog to do at the same time as other bloggers…we’ll be working together, apart!

Who hosts the Blog Staycation?

I co-host the Staycation along with two fabulous other bloggers…Jen from JENerally Informed and Trish from The Trish List

When is the Blog Staycation?

Mark your calendars for our third round of the Blog Staycation which will be September 10-13!

Blog Staycation
What’s different this time from the first two times?

In the past we’ve done various Twitter and Facebook chats and while those have been great this time we’re taking it to another level…we’re bringing in experts!  We’ve set up a chat on Monetizing Your Blog with KariAnne, a blogger who earns 6-figures a year with her blog, a Periscope chat with Kristen, a Periscope expert and more!  We’re still finalizing some of the chat details so stay tuned as we update the schedule for the Blog Staycation weekend.

We’re giving away a referral prize!  Share the Blog Staycation with all of your blogging friends and the blogger with the most referrals will win an Amazon gift card!  We’ll know you referred other bloggers because when they sign up they’ll include your name and you are welcome to snag any of these images and share them in your own blog posts about Blog Stacyation. There are other giveaways as well, but we can’t tell you everything ahead of time 😉

Tweet: Join @jmdenouden for a #BlogStaycation to tackle your blog to do list, connect with other bloggers and more!

Convinced you should join us?  Head HERE to sign up…and if you’re still not convinced, here is a list of the top ten reasons you should join us for the Blog Staycation…

Top Ten Reasons to Join us for Blog Staycation

Hopefully you’re now convinced you should join us for the Blog Staycation in September and you can sign up HERE to join us!

Will you be joining us for the Blog Staycation? Is this your first time or are you a veteran? What are you hoping to work on during the Blog Staycation?  What questions do you have about the Blog Staycation?


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