Blog Staycation: Take 2!

I officially started blogging about a year ago and while I absolutely love it, I constantly feel like there is more that I want to be doing for the blog.  So last summer I connected with a few other bloggers to host our first Blog Staycation…and it was AMAZING!

So amazing that we are back for round 2!  If you’re wondering what we did during our first blog staycation, you can check out our wrap-up post and then get ready for our Blog Staycation later this month by signing up HERE.

Blog Staycation to help you improve your blogging

Here are the important details that you need to know!

Who Can Join? ANY bloggers…doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of blog you have!

When Is It? The Blog Staycation will launch with a Twitter party on Thursday, March 26 at 6pm PST.  Then the fun continues all weekend long and here’s the great thing…you can do as much or as little as you want!

What Will Happen? We’ll kick the party off with a Twitter chat and then from there you can decide how you want to participate.  You can stay in your house all weekend and just work to your hearts content on your blog.  You can join in a few Facebook chats over the week to get support and ideas for some of the things on your to do list.  You can choose to just set aside one hour a day during the weekend and work on  your blog.  Do what works best for YOU!  You will be receiving an email each day during the Staycation with blogging tips, tricks and ideas to help you make the most of the Blog Staycation.

Anything Else?  We can’t tell you everything, because there needs to be a few surprises!

I Have a Few Questions…We’d love to answer those for you!  Comment below or email Julie at girlonthemoveblog01{at}gmail{dot}com

We’d love to have you share about this with your blogging friends, and you can use #blogstaycation on social media when you share this post!

Are you convinced you need to join us for this awesome time?  Then sign up HERE!

We can’t wait to go on a blog staycation with YOU!
Julie, Jen & Trish


  1. This sounds like such a great idea! I’m hoping I will be able to participate- there is a chance I’ll be in Mexico traveling! Looking forward to either participating or reading wrap up posts though!

      1. I’ve been sharing everywhere. I belong to two small blogging groups that I shared it to as well. I can’t wait! I have LOTS of work to do!

        Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop!

        Wishing you a lovely week!

  2. I truly appreciate the motivation behind this type of equipping and encouraging, so thank you for making it possible. I am not currently on twitter, is that required?
    Thanks again for being an encourager! I’m signing up for the party.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! I need to check the calendar and get my social media up and going. I am new to all this and so far have only tackled Pinterest. Have a great weekend!

  4. I was a newbie blogger last year as well when the First Blog-Staycation took place. I’m over here giggling by how terrified and intimidated I was by ALL of you! I’m still rather shy, however the anonymity of hiding behind this computer screen has helped more than a little I must say, but I’ve FINALLY become comfortable enough to were intimidation is no longer a factor! Oh and I’m now long terrified either! 😉

    What a crazy year it has been for ALL of us and I am totally looking forward to Blog-Staycation #2! I was so excited to get the invitation last night, or was it the night before that, on Facebook. I learned more than I was able to digest at the time last year and can’t wait to participate this year because I think I’ll actually understand what everyone is talking about this time! Hahaha!

    I’m so thrilled that you stopped by the #BigTopBlogParty this week and want to thank you for linking up with us as well! I sure hope you’ll stop by again for the next Party Under the Big Top… As a reminder, we go LIVE every Tuesday morning at 12:00 a.m. EST!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx
    Welcome to My Circus

  5. I could use a blogging shot in the arm; I’m in! The Blog Staycation is perfectly timed for me- no travel in March- so maybe my blog will finally get te attention it deserves. Thanks! #SITSBlogging

  6. SO excited for this! I am not sure how much I will be able to participate since that is my birthday weekend, but I am stoked to be a part of this!

  7. Well this certainly sounds like a fun thing to participate in. I love finding out about new blogging opportunities. I’ll definitely have to check this out and figure out what I’m doing that weekend.

    1. We’d love to have you join us because it is a great time to connect with other bloggers and work on your blog!

    1. The beauty of the staycation is it’s whatever YOU want it to be! Some people will focus on scheduling posts on their editorial calendar, others will work on beefing up their social media, others will work on little details (updating pages, headers, etc) that you just never seem to have the time to do.

  8. I’ve been blogging since the late 90s. I never run out of idea and things to say. Around 2009 I set up one of my blogs to be more of a portfolio website as I started my freelance writing career about business, taxes and accounting since that is what my background and degrees are in. Somehow I got into entertainment writing, which I love. I noticed I was writing more about food stuff on another site I had and eventually that led me to my fully monetized site. All of my blogs have at least 30 or more drafts waiting for me to finish.

  9. This is such a clever idea! I really love the premise and all the events that you’ve got going on. Be sure to share it in Bloggers Get Social in case I forget (and Blog Bliss too!).

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  11. Thanks for linking up at the Pure Blog Love Link Party! this looks like a great blog help. Pinned! Join the party again today! I’m hosting at Love to see you there

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