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Since today is the last Tuesday of the month it’s time for our monthly Blogging Better link up!  Take a minute to link up any of your recent posts about blogging and explore what other bloggers are sharing.  I love reading all of your incredibly helpful blog resources!

Here are my favorite posts from last month’s link-up…

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This month I want to talk about blog conferences.  I attended my first conference last May and in a couple of weeks I’ll be telling you more about a conference I am very excited about attending this September!  If you’ve never been to a blog conference or if you’re not sure if you want to go to another conference, here are ten reasons you should attend a blog conference. 10 Reasons why you want to attend a blog conference to help you with blogging better

1. You get a lot of great swag!  Brands sponsor conferences for exposure and because they want to get their products in your hands you’ll get some great swag at blog conferences.

2. This is your chance to talk about blogging non-stop!  Your family and friends aren’t there to give you blank looks when you talk about coding, monetization, and SEO…you can connect with other bloggers and talk shop as much as you want.

3. Conferences are an excellent opportunity to connect with brands.  I met several great brands at the conference I attended and have enjoyed working with them since the conference.

4. You’re going to leave with lots of ideas for how to take your blog to the next level.

5. Conference is an amazing opportunity to connect in real life with bloggers who you have only “met” online

6. Blog conferences give you the opportunity to discover new blogs and bloggers…and who knows, you might just meet your new BloggyBFF!

7. Often time the speakers at blog conferences are bloggers you look up to and admire so attending the conference is your chance to meet them!

8. Blog conferences can be a great way to see and explore a city that is new to you!  If you want to save on travel costs you can look for conferences close to home or you can look for a conference in a city you’ve always wanted to visit.

9. You can learn so much!  If you’re not sure which conference to attend I would look for one that offers general sessions or breakout sessions on topics you’d like to learn about so that you can get the most out of the blog conference.

10. Conferences are great for helping you see the big picture of blogging.  Sometimes when you are sitting in your living room blogging it’s difficult to imagine where your blog can go but being at a blog conference can help you dream big!

Have you been to a blog conference?  What is your favorite conference?  What is your dream conference that you’d like to attend?  Do you have any other reasons to attend a blog conference?

Once a month, I host a link up on blogging resources called Blogging Better.  I would love it if you linked up your best blogging resources below. My readers are new bloggers, mid-level bloggers, hobby bloggers, professional bloggers, small businesses and social media managers. The link-up will go live on the last Tuesday of every month. Join us on Twitter using the hashtags #bloggingbetter.

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