Tips for how to join or start a blogging tribe

Blogging with a Tribe

I have been blogging informally for several years…for the first couple of years my mom and aunt were my only readers…but now I have been blogging formally for just over a year.  About a year ago I made a great decision for my blog…I joined a blogging tribe! My tribe has been a great place to find inspiration, ask questions about the technical side of blogging, vent about things that aren’t working the way I’d like, and just laugh about silly things in life. We live all across the country, are at various stages of life and blog about a wide variety of things, but we come to together to support each other in this crazy, wonderful world of blogging.

If you do not have a blogging tribe I would highly recommend finding one to join…or starting your own! Not sure how to do that? Here are a couple of tips…

  • Ask other bloggers you’ve already connected with if they are a part of a blogging tribe that you can join
  • Make a point to connect with bloggers through social media and then ask them if they’d like to be in a tribe with you. One great way to do this is during chats related to blogging…be intentional about observing who you connect with during the chats and then follow up with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! You might have to ask a few people before you find a tribe and that’s okay!
  • Remember that every blogging tribe will look a little different so don’t feel pressured to have a certain number of people or to run your tribe a certain way

Tips for how to join or start a blogging tribe

Since my tribe is so awesome, I asked them to share some of their best blogging tips and here is their wisdom…

Engage in the huge community of bloggers:) they can all be so helpful in your blogging success and you will gain some great friendships from it! ~ Joanna from Motherhood and Merlot 

Make sure your content is evergreen and timeless. That way, if you need/want to take 9 months off (like me), you can hopefully still get quality traffic and keep up your income flow. ~ Cajun from Blooming in Bedlam 

If you plan on your blog earning you money you need to look at it as a job. Set some work hours for yourself and certain tasks you need to get done during those hours. There is a lot more that goes into having a successful blog then just writing. ~ Lisa from Goofball Mommy 

Create content your readers can’t live without. And then remember to engage them on your other social media accounts. Showing you’re listening will keep them around. ~ Alyssa from Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My! 

Create an editorial calendar to help you stay on task and plan ahead. Even if it is a month ahead, they are so helpful. I typically plan for 3 months. It also makes me hold myself accountable to post consistently. ~ Jeannine from Jeannine ONeal

Be real. Nothing better than being authentic–no matter how embarrassing that may be. ~ Ashley from Smashley Ashley

Always remember your why, specifically *why* you blog. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything you are supposed to do it’s easy to lose sight of why you started doing it in the first place! ~ Bev from Linkouture 


Are you a part of a blogging tribe? How has your tribe helped your blog?

Are you looking to be a part of a blogging tribe? What steps will you take this week to make that happen?


  • Cajun

    Awwww yay! I love our little blogging family! Seriously folks, find your tribe. I have never felt so close to so many women as I do our little tribe. We have completely different everything (locations, blog platforms, experiences, blog topics, revenue goals and writing styles). But somehow, I feel like I know these fantastic women I have never met better than I know most people I see on a regular basis.

  • Carly @ FitLiving blog

    This is a great post! I can totally relate to your blogging experience since for the first year, I blogged as a creative outlet and that was about it. Only in the past few months have I really looked at blogging more seriously and working to make money from it. I have connected with several other bloggers more regularly, but it is definitely time for me to find my tribe!!

  • Rebekah

    I love this advise! I’ve been blogging for years but never really connected with anyone. I’ve joined a couple of Facebook groups lately to help me find a tribe! It’s amazing how much people are willing to help once you put yourself out there!

  • Alexis Donkin

    This is really helpful. I’ve had a blog for a while, but it’s been mostly a way to connect with far off relatives and close friends. Now I’m starting to engage a little more intensely in blogging, so it would seem, I need to go out and find my tribe!

  • Mandi

    love this <3 I am part of a couple of great communities of women who blog on similar topics and its amazing how all of our blogs have grown just by selflessly supporting one another <3

  • Robin Follette

    Thank you for a ton of great tips. I’m slowly building a small tribe so this is very helpful to me. Being so unlike most women who blog, it’s a challenge but when I’m done it will be worth the effort.

  • April Ockerman

    This is one thing that I have been working on is to find my tribe and who I really jive with in the blogging world. I am trying to change up my approach to blogging and how I can help myself and others grow.

  • Phyllis

    I love my tribe! 🙂 I wouldn’t have been able to do half of what I’ve done without their support along the way. After moving away from a business image to personal image, I have to agree 110% with Ashley. Once you lose your genuine voice, it’s hard to find it again. It’s taken me some time to figure out who I am again. Always be true to you!

  • Shelly

    This is great 🙂 Love the specific points you give as to why tribe-ing is beneficial, and love the blogging tips and advice from all the members of your tribe!

    I wouldn’t say I’ve found a tribe as much as I’ve found a partner, but maybe I should think about branching out a bit too 🙂

  • Jaclyn

    We actually just started a blogging tribe with 5 of us, who are similar in passions and goals for our blog – we are putting so much effort into helping each other grow! 😀 I’m also a part of 3 Facebook groups, who have helped me grow so much!

  • Jeannine O'Neil

    I am so glad you wrote this post about our tribe Julie!! You captured it perfectly and I love that you included the links to our sites to give us credit (a true tribe gal!) What I love most about our group is that we are there for one another. When we have a bad day or fighting through a blogging issue, we all rally around one another. I truly feel like you all are my girlfriends and often forget that I have never met in person.

    Kudos to those who shared advice too. Those tips are so helpful for bloggers at any phase (whethere they are newbies or seaonsed writers).

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