If you are a blogger, this page is for YOU!  When I first started blogging I was overwhelmed by all of the information I thought I needed to know in order to be a successful blogger.  So this space is designed to share what I’ve learned about blogging with you and a few of my favorite blogging resources

Here are some of my favorite posts I’ve written about blogging…

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Create a Social Media Plan


If you want to explore other blogging related content on the blog, head HERE

Blogging Resources

Bloggy Boot Camp …If you’re looking for a great blogging resource to get you started I’d suggest checking out Bloggy Boot Camp…Designed for new bloggers this course is designed to help you figure out what to do once you’ve created your blog.  You’ll learn about tracking your statistics, social media, editorial calendars, monetization, link parties, resources and so much more! And here’s the deal y’all…I have a code for you to get 25% off!!!  When you purchase the course use GIRL ON THE MOVE as your code to get 25% off…because who doesn’t love a good deal?!?

My Knowtbook …Amy Lynne Andrews shares, in real-time, all of her notes…it’s like a peek inside her brain!  Rather than purchase an ebook that might be outdated in 6 months, the My Knowtbook, is constantly be updated.  A huge, ever-changing, goldmine of information.

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