Bobby’s Burger Palace

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The customer is always right!”  and while many companies seem to stand by this principle, it doesn’t seem that the cable company has adopted this motto 🙁  If I had my way, people would be able to customize their cable package to get the channels they want…and then not have to pay for superfluous channels (To avoid offending anyone, I won’t list the channels that I consider superfluous)   My customized cable package would include…USA Network, ESPN, Lifetime (because I can’t resist their holiday movies!)…and most definitely the Food Network!

So you can imagine my excitement when I recently got to check out Bobby’s Burger Palace in Philadelphia.  I know that burger and palace may seem like an oxymoron but if the line at BBP was any indication, this place is no oxymoron!

For a girl that likes to travel I loved all the places represented on the burger menu

Sweet potato fries…my favorite kind of fries!

Spiked milkshakes…sometimes it’s really fun to be ‘all grown up’

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