BONES TV Workout

If you’ve been around Girl on the Move for a while then you’ll know I love a good tv workout!  There’s just something about working out while you watch a tv show that makes you feel a little less guilty.  Since Bones on Fox is one of my favorite tv shows (I could re-watch Bones and Friends over and over!) I thought it was time I created a Bones TV workout!

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From the pilot episode (go buy the season one dvd’s if you haven’t yet seen this show…season one) Booth, Dr. Brennan and the rest of the team have entertained us while solving some of the craziest (and seemingly unsolvable!) crimes…all while making us want to invite their characters over for Christmas dinner. So whether you are currently watching the final season or are binge watching the first 11 seasons (because you really should make sure you watch…and maybe re-watch…all the episodes!) enjoy a great workout while you watch…guilt-free!

Don't be the person who skips the gym and just watches TV! Instead, exercise while you watch Booth, Bones & the rest of the team with this Bones tv workout.
fyi: My goal was to create a workout that would work for all of the seasons, so some character references (Zach Addy, Lance Sweets) are removed since using them in the workout would allow you to shorten your workout depending which season you were watching…and we can’t have that!

I’d love to hear what you think of the Bones TV workout in the comments below…and what other things should be added to the list?

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