Boston Red Sox – Fenway Park

Whether you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox or not you can’t help but be a fan of Fenway Park.  After all, it is iconic.  2012 marked Fenway’s 100th birthday and it was recently added to the National Register of Historical Places.  But despite being a very old ball field, you don’t get the feeling that it is tired and worn out.  Instead it was filled with quaint details and you feel like you are being transported back in time.

I had heard about the Green Monster before my trip to Boston but nothing quite prepares you for the sight of that nearly 40-foot wall towering over left field.

But as amazing as the experience is inside the gates you don’t want to rush to get inside because then you’ll miss all the action outside the park…particularly on Yawkey Way.

And before you head to the park be sure to brush up on your singing skills because not only will you need to sing the traditional Take Me Out to the Ballgame in the seventh inning but you’ll need to belt out Sweet Caroline in the eighth inning!

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