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If you’ve been following this blog then you know this month has been largely focused on a social media series as a part of The Nester’s Write 31 Days challenge. It has really challenged me as a writer to produce content on one particular topic every day and while I’m loving this series, I have so many other random things I’ve wanted to share with y’all! So when I saw this Bullet List post I decided to do my own version of the post…

-As you are reading this I am heading to Chicago for a mini-vacation with my mom…because it’s her birthday y’all! So leave a comment below and wish her a happy birthday and any and all suggestions you have of things we should do while we’re in Chicago…our schedule isn’t all the way full just yet! And if you’re a blogger in Chicago let me know because I’d love to grab coffee!

-This weekend my brother got engaged (yay for him and Meagan!) and that will mean travel for me since they’ll be getting married in South Carolina…and y’all know how much I love traveling!

-I recently came across an eBook on blogging that I absolutely love!  Reading the book felt like sitting down for a coffee with a friend while she taught me everything she’s learned about blogging!  I can’t wait to implement everything I learned from Gina about branding, social media, sponsored pitch posts, and tips from other bloggers. Click here to visit The Fitnessista and check the book out for yourself!

-Next week’s Links I’m Loving post is going to be AMAZING! I am beyond thrilled to announce that on the last Tuesday of each month the Links I’m Loving post will be about Blogging Better. More details will be coming soon but if you are a blogger mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 28 so you can come and link up the posts you’ve written about blogging and explore great posts designed to help you improve as a blogger. You can read more HERE from my co-host Lisa!

Blogging Better Purple
-There are several exciting things coming to the blog in the next few weeks so definitely stay tuned…I am quite excited and can’t wait to share more with you!

-For those of you who have asked for an adoption update…First of all, I am grateful beyond words for all of the kind words about this journey!  Feel free to continue to ask questions about what this process looks like because I am more than happy to answer them!  And now for the latest update…I have submitted all of my adoption paperwork and at this point I need to do the home study and then it becomes a waiting game. Not easy for a planner like myself!

-So here’s a confession about me y’all…I love magic!  It truly fascinates me and anytime I have the opportunity to attend any type of magic show I jump on the opportunity because I am just in awe!  So I am super pumped about going to see Alex Ramon #NewMagic, a magic show with a new style and a new flair! Friendly enough for kids but edgy enough for the adults.  His show was named the #1 attraction in Lake Tahoe for over 2 years, and now he’s coming to the El Portal Theatre in north Hollywood for two shows only!  But it get’s even better for you…Girl on the Move readers can get discount tickets!  That’s right instead of spending $36-$71 you can get tickets for just $20…woo hoo!  Head over HERE to get your discount tickets for Saturday, November 1 at 8pm or Sunday, November 2 at 3pm with discount code “TODAY” Alex Ramon

I’d love to hear, what has been going on in your life? Any recent travels, accomplishments, announcements or things you’ve done outside your comfort zone?


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