Blogging with a Tribe

I have been blogging informally for several years…for the first couple of years my mom and aunt were my only readers…but now I have been blogging formally for just over a year.  About a year ago I made a great decision for my blog…I joined a blogging tribe! My tribe has been a great place to find inspiration, ask questions about the technical side of blogging, vent about things that aren’t working the way I’d like, and just laugh about silly things in life. We live all across the country, are at various stages of life and blog about a wide variety of things, but we come to together to support each other in this crazy, wonderful world of blogging.

If you do not have a blogging tribe I would highly recommend finding one to join…or starting your own! Not sure how to do that? Here are a couple of tips…

  • Ask other bloggers you’ve already connected with if they are a part of a blogging tribe that you can join
  • Make a point to connect with bloggers through social media and then ask them if they’d like to be in a tribe with you. One great way to do this is during chats related to blogging…be intentional about observing who you connect with during the chats and then follow up with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! You might have to ask a few people before you find a tribe and that’s okay!
  • Remember that every blogging tribe will look a little different so don’t feel pressured to have a certain number of people or to run your tribe a certain way

Tips for how to join or start a blogging tribe

Since my tribe is so awesome, I asked them to share some of their best blogging tips and here is their wisdom…

Engage in the huge community of bloggers:) they can all be so helpful in your blogging success and you will gain some great friendships from it! ~ Joanna from Motherhood and Merlot 

Make sure your content is evergreen and timeless. That way, if you need/want to take 9 months off (like me), you can hopefully still get quality traffic and keep up your income flow. ~ Cajun from Blooming in Bedlam 

If you plan on your blog earning you money you need to look at it as a job. Set some work hours for yourself and certain tasks you need to get done during those hours. There is a lot more that goes into having a successful blog then just writing. ~ Lisa from Goofball Mommy 

Create content your readers can’t live without. And then remember to engage them on your other social media accounts. Showing you’re listening will keep them around. ~ Alyssa from Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My! 

Create an editorial calendar to help you stay on task and plan ahead. Even if it is a month ahead, they are so helpful. I typically plan for 3 months. It also makes me hold myself accountable to post consistently. ~ Jeannine from Jeannine ONeal

Be real. Nothing better than being authentic–no matter how embarrassing that may be. ~ Ashley from Smashley Ashley

Always remember your why, specifically *why* you blog. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything you are supposed to do it’s easy to lose sight of why you started doing it in the first place! ~ Bev from Linkouture 


Are you a part of a blogging tribe? How has your tribe helped your blog?

Are you looking to be a part of a blogging tribe? What steps will you take this week to make that happen?

Let’s Connect on Social Media

One of my favorite aspects about blogging has been connecting with other people! I am still a firm believer in creating space in your life for in person relationships…meeting a friend for coffee, having dinner with family while your cell phones are out of reach, a walk on the beach while you catch up on life…but there is also something truly amazing about getting to connect from people all over the world through social media. I have learned about new cultures, experiences, places and people through social media and while it doesn’t replace in-real-life relationships, it’s still pretty awesome! So today I want to make sure we’re connected on social media…check out where I’m hanging out on the internet and be sure to introduce yourself so I can follow you and connect!

Bloglovin – Do you blog? I’d love to follow and since I can’t handle one more email in my inbox I’d like to follow via Bloglovin! Leave a link to your Bloglovin below so I can follow you and catch up on all of your great blog posts!

Let’s connect on Bloglovin 

Facebook – I think this is where all of the social media fun began for me 10 years ago…I have used Facebook to connect with old friends, family members who live far away, and new friends who don’t live locally. I also have a Facebook page for my blog where I’d love to connect!

Let’s connect on Facebook

GoodReads – I love reading! I think it goes hand in hand with my love for traveling because when I’m not traveling I love exploring new places in the pages of a book and when I am traveling I need something to read on the plane! I am always looking for books to add to my “To Read” list so let’s connect on GoodReads so I can get new suggestions!

Let’s connect on GoodReads 

Instagram – Pictures of my daily adventures, travels, workouts, and glimpses into my life. I love looking at pretty pictures and I love sharing a peek into my life…so Instagram is one of my favorites!

Let’s connect on Instagram

Periscope – I’m still learning this one and if you’re looking for tips to jump on board with this live video streaming app, check out my tips for using Periscope

Let’s connect on Periscope 

Pinterest – We can also use a little inspiration in our lives and Pinterest is where that happens. It’s this magical place where you can learn 73 uses for vinegar, find the perfect DIY project to decorate for the holidays, find a new leg workout, and ideas for what you’ll wear to your cousin’s wedding.

Let’s connect on Pinterest 

Snapchat – I’m new to this one folks but I am determined to figure out how to use it effectively…so add me so we can send each other snapchats!  My username is jdenouden

Twitter – I have loved Twitter since the day I first joined in 2009! I have made great connections on Twitter and love to share the awesome content I find all across the Internet. I enjoy connecting through quick conversations (love that 140-character limit!) on Twitter and being inspired by so many other fabulous people

Let’s connect on Twitter 

What is your favorite social media platform? Which one intimidates you the most?

Defining the Brand of You

Tracking Pixel

Some days it’s difficult to believe that this month marks ten years since I graduated from college because it feels like just yesterday I was walking on campus for freshmen orientation! If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know that I am a firm believer in pursuing big dreams but I’ll say this…it would have been really nice to have some help pursuing those dreams back when I graduated college. Instead I struck out on my own to find a job…and it did not go quite as I had envisioned! So when Fifth Third Bank contacted me to help spread the word about their Brand Of You campaign I couldn’t say yes fast enough! And while this is a sponsored post, all opinions are entirely my own and I couldn’t be more passionate about helping young adults find guidance as they leave college to pursue their big dreams.

Fifth World Bank Logo
A few quick facts for you about the realities of graduating college…

-More than half of recent college graduates do not have full time jobs

-50% of jobs aren’t even posted online making job openings difficult to find*

-An average of 200 people apply for each job opening**

Searching for the Right Job

So what is the solution to being a recent college graduate who wants to pursue their dreams but is facing a difficult job market?

Job search coaching.

Why is this coaching worth it?

-All of the coaching is done virtually so you can do it from anywhere and with flexible scheduling you can fit it into your busy schedule

-You’ll receive interview prep/coaching and personalized resume editing so your resume stands out in the stack

And here’s the great news…recent college graduates have the opportunity to enter the Fifth Third Bank Brand of You contest for the chance to win personalized job coaching from NextJob (worth $1000). And even if you don’t win… everyone who enters gets access to NextJob’s proprietary online training toolkit…so it’s really a win for everyone!

Every week, 80 winners will be matched with a professional NextJob coach to help them get the job they want faster and more effectively than going it alone.

Enter for a chance to win free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob #BrandofYou #53enter 

Brand of You

So what does this mean for you?

– Take a minute to send a tweet explaining why you deserve free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob. Use #BrandofYou and #53enter. Remember, you can enter 1 time per day. Up to 80 winners will be selected per week until July 20.

Fifth Third is also hosting a Twitter event where NextJob coaches will provide real time feedback on resumes and interview question responses. During the event, Fifth Third Bank will award up to 50 job coaching opportunities. Upcoming topics include TwitterResumes.

– Take a minute to share this post with someone who could also benefit from free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob…anyone in your family who just graduated from college or is getting ready to graduate soon.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fifth Third Bank.


**Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts

Periscope for Bloggers

If you’ve been on Twitter recently I’m sure you’ve noticed an increased number of tweets that begin like this…”Live on #Periscope…” I first discovered Periscope, a live-streaming video app, back in April and have really enjoyed following some great adventures since then. You can get great behind the scenes looks at things, see new places around the world without having to break your budget, meet some fascinating people, and so much more.  So I decided it was time to start using the app to do my own live streaming so I reached out to other bloggers for tips for getting the most out of Periscope.

If you’re thinking about joining this trend, take a minute to read through these tips so you can have amazing broadcasts!

And if you’re already on but not sure how to make the most of Periscope, enjoy these tips!

And if you want to see me learn how to use Periscope, follow me HERE

Periscope for for how to get the most out of your experience

Tips from Megan Singleton, Blogger at Large

– Turn the camera onto yourself sometimes so viewers can see who you are.

– People get bored easily and leave so set up your text and wait for the action to start before you broadcast.

– Read the questions and say hi back to people. Let them guide you around for more engagement.

– If you’ve written your intro and find the signal isn’t going to let you broadcast here’s a tip, “select all” and copy it so you don’t have to retype it when you get into a good spot!


Tips from Kash, The Budget Traveller 

Travel is all about the experience so share those amazing lifetime experiences on Periscope. I was up at dawn in Stonehenge recently watching sunrise over the prehistoric moment. I captured it on Periscope and had over 1000 people tune in from the States during the scope.

Interact and invite your audience to ask questions

Unlike broadcast television, Periscope allows you to interact with your audience so say hello, have a conversation and invite comments and questions during the scope. I was being shown around by a guide at Stonehenge and invited my audience to post questions which I shared with the guide. This helps increase engagement massively.


Tips from Helen, A Pilot’s Daughter 

Engage your audience. You can show them the most beautiful sunset in the world, but if there’s nothing for them to do or say, they’ll lose interest quickly. Ask them questions, have them make choices for you, teach them something, or guide them somewhere. Your audience wants to be a part of your broadcast.


Tips from LaShon Renee, For the Love of Curls 

– Pick an eye-catching title of your scope

– Let your “room” populate for a few seconds before you get started


Are you using Periscope? If you are comment below with your username so we can connect! What do you like to watch on Periscope? Adventures, behind-the-scenes, interviews, sneak peeks…

How to Make Money Blogging

Chances are if you are reading this you either…

-Have a blog and are looking for ways to make money

-Have a blog and are looking for ways to make MORE money

-Are thinking about starting a blog and wondering if you can make money

Whichever one of those statements best describes you, this post is for YOU! I’m going to share several ways you can make money with a blog and then share tips for increasing the amount of money you make. How to make money with your blog through ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate links and more

-Here are ways you can make money blogging (in no particular order)…

1. Affiliate Marketing/Links

Affiliate marketing/links means you get paid when your reader takes action. Basically what that means is if your readers click on a link and then buy a product, you get a portion of the sales. You can sign up for different affiliate networks or work with a company/product directly.

So for example, I have partnered with Tone & Tighten for an affiliate program so each time someone clicks on the link and buys a book, I get a portion of the sales. (p.s. not blogging related but if you’re looking for a new workout program I’d recommend checking this one out… Click here to visit

I would recommend checking out this post from Amy where she gives some great tips for using affiliate marketing/links and gives you a list of affilliate networks you can sign up for.

2. Advertisements

There are several different ways you can do this so we’ll cover a few of them. If you do nothing else after reading this post, I would suggest signing up for Google AdSense and then installing those on your blog. Even if you don’t have a lot of readers just yet, this is a way to begin passively making some money. However, as your blog grows I would suggest looking into different ad networks who can help you make more money than Google AdSense (for many of them you need to have a certain number of pageviews per month) or setting up your own sidebar ad program. If you are looking to set up your own program, Passion Fruit Ads is one way to help you set that up on your blog.

3. Sponsored posts

In my experience there have been two ways I’ve gone about doing sponsored posts…the first is through networking and connecting with companies directly. The second is through a network that facilitates connections between brands and bloggers.

I would offer one word of warning for these first three suggestions…don’t over do it! I recently came across a blog and the 10 most recent posts were all very clearly (and obnoxiously) sponsored posts. I didn’t feel like I was reading a blog to hear the voice of the blogger but rather sitting through commercials…and I don’t have time for that! So I’m all about having sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate links…but make sure your blog doesn’t come across as one giant billboard!

If you’re looking for networks to join here a few that I am a part of or have heard good things about from other bloggers…

Clever Girls Collective


Pollinate Media

Social Fabric

Weave Made Media

If you’re still looking for more blogging networks here is a list to peruse.

4. Freelance Writing

Your blog isn’t the only place you can make money. Once you’ve established yourself as a writer, start submitting posts to other sites that are looking to pay for your contributions.  Different sites offer varying levels of compensation and make sure you think about the time it will take to find pictures, include links, communicate with the company, etc when you are determining your prices.  Here are some resources on freelancing blogging to get you started…

Make Money from Freelance Blogging by the end of the Month

Websites that Pay Writers

5. Offer services

Once you’ve started to build up an audience, your blog can become a platform for offering services either to other bloggers or to a particular niche.

One example of this for me personally is I offer link up services. So bloggers who want to link up their posts to various link-up parties but don’t always have time to do it themselves

Be creative with the services you offer…you can offer coaching, web design, virtual assistant, and so much more!

6. Sell products

The wonderful thing about selling products is that for some products the bulk of the work can be done up front and then the money continues to come in down the road. This is especially true if you publish an ebook. The majority of the work is in writing the ebook but then once you begin to sell it, you will keep making money without having to continue to invest a ton of time and energy…you’ll probably want to continue to promote the book but that takes way less time than it took to write the book! Again, be creative with what products you sell and ask your readers what they need…printables, planners, products on Etsy…the sky is the limit!

 Money-Making Tips

All of the above suggestions are great ways to make money on your blog but I also wanted to offer some general money-making advice…

Choose your platform wisely…technically you can move your blog to a different platform later on but speaking from personal experience, it’s much easier to just start with a good platform. I think it is easier to make money on WordPress than on Blogger but please note, if you are on WordPress you have to be using…you MAY NOT monetize a blog!

– Diversify, diversify, diversify…it is very unlikely that your blogging income will come from just one source. There will be months when companies aren’t looking to do very many sponsored posts so if all of your income comes from sponsored posts than your income will be lower than you’d like. I would suggest creating several different streams of income for your blog so that you are making money every month.

Don’t expect to make $33,875.93 your first month…you’ve probably seen pins on Pinterest about how a blogger made $20k or $30k in a single month with blogging but the reality is they didn’t do that their very first month.

-Create quality contentgood content will bring new readers to your blog and continue bringing older readers back. And let’s be honest, without readers most of the ways to make money just don’t work! If nobody is reading your blog then there probably isn’t anyone clicking on the affiliate links or the ads in your sidebar.

Build a community with your readers …the reality is that your affiliate links will work a LOT better if your readers trust you and your suggestions! Brands want to work with bloggers who are influencers and the best way to become an influencer is to connect with your readers and create a community.

Study blog income reports…looking for new ways to produce income? Check out how other bloggers are doing it to get ideas! There are quite a few bloggers who produce income reports on their blogs and I have found some great ideas through those reports. Many of them also share what’s worked, what doesn’t work and you can learn from their successes and mistakes.

Pinch of Yum

Smart Passive Income – just a note…I’m pretty sure there are very few bloggers making this kind of money but I just wanted to give you an idea of how this blogger diversifies!

By Regina

Connect with other bloggers.,. other bloggers can offer tips and suggestions for how they’ve made money, increase your network because while a sponsored post might not be a good fit for their blog it might be great for you and they can pass it along. I would suggest connecting with other bloggers on social media, finding a blogging tribe (my tribe ROCKS!), attend a blogging conference (I’m going to Blended in September) or through link up parties.

Whew, that was a lot of information! I’d love to hear…

Do you make money with your blog? What has been the most effective way for you to make money blogging? What questions do you have about making money with your blog?

Blended Conference

First of all, if you are a blogger, make sure sure you check out the Blog Staycation I’m co-hosting later this month…it’s going to be amazing!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared my 10 Top Reasons to Attend a Blog Conference?  Well now I want to share with you a conference I am SUPER excited about attending later this year!  I will be attending Blended Conference 2015, Arizona’s Premier Blogging Conference and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!

When Wendy, from Around My Family Table, first created Blended it was a conference designed just for food bloggers in Arizona.  But here’s the thing with great events…word spreads and they grow!  So now Blended is for all kinds of bloggers and attracts attendees from all across the country…which is great since I’m neither a food blogger nor an Arizona resident 😉

I’m excited to connect with bloggers and hear from great speakers like Katie Horner who will be sharing, “Practical Steps for Turning Ideas into Products, ” and Beth Peterson who will be sharing about finding your niche.

Ticket sales began on March 1, 2015 and you have until May 1, 2015 to take advantage of the early bird pricing so you will definitely want to make a plan to attend this event!  Here are a few of the details you’ll need…

September 18-19, 2015

Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix, AZ

Hotel rooms are $99/night

Blended Conference Phoenix Arizona
You can connect with Blended here…





Disclaimer: I’m a Blended Conference Ambassador.  I was provided a discounted ticket for my promotion.

I’d love to meet you in person at Blended this September!  What other conferences are you planning/hoping to attend this year?