Christmas Is Coming!!!

I have a confession to make.  I am obsessed with Christmas.  Obsessed like a kid with their Halloween candy.  Like Romeo with Juliet.   I am obsessed with all of it…Christmas movies, finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list, Christmas baking, Christmas music (don’t even ask how many versions of O Holy Night are in my iTunes!), the lights, decorations, and any other Christmas detail that you can imagine!  I am in a perpetually good mood from the first moment of the Christmas season because it’s difficult to be in a bad mood when there are twinkling lights all around you.

And there are commercials like this during Christmas…

How can you not fall in love with Christmas when you watch that?!?

This year I have created quite a bucket list of things to do and places to go during the Christmas season so I will be on the move for the next month crossing things off the list so stay tuned for updates!

And in an effort to stay healthy during this busy time I am taking part in this awesome Elf 4 Health challenge!  I will also be posting updates on the various challenges during this 4-week challenge!

The Lean Green Bean



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