Color Me Rad 5K

As I was driving home from the Color Me Rad 5K I saw another race along the Schuykill River and the thought that instantly popped into my mind was, “I bet ya my run was more fun than yours!”

This race was by far the most colorful race I have ever run!  I do have to admit that I was surprised that the color came in both dry and liquid form (information they probably should have warned us about ahead of time!).  Some of the color stations threw dry cornstarch on you and others sprayed wet liquid coloring on you!  But the mixture of wet and dry really helped the race coordinators keep their promise of runners ending up looking like a pack of Skittles!

I was also reminded that you really never know what you’ll see at a race and I love how creative some people are when it comes to their race attire!  Several guys showed up in very colorful tutus (they did of course have shorts on under their tutus!), one spectator was wearing a shirt that said, “When I’m feeling athletic I go to a sports bar”, and then there was the runner who had his last smoke right before the starting line…I mean that can not have helped his breathing during the race!

If you’re looking for a fun way to get into racing, get back into racing, or just have a fun and colorful time, I would definitely recommend checking to see if there is a color race near you!

Just be warned that you may leave the race looking like a Smurf and you will probably need to shower more than once afterwards!


And after!

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