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Cupcake Adventures ~ Sprinkles

I receive quite a few cupcake suggestions (which I love getting so keep sending them my way!) and I think the #1 suggestion I receive is for Sprinkles.  I’m not sure if it’s because people truly think they are the best, or if it’s because they are so well known.  But either way, I decided it was time to head out and try their cupcakes.

I’m glad I did!

Salted Caramel Cupcake
Salted Caramel Cupcake

In no particular order, here are five things I loved about Sprinkles

1.The cupcakes are true to their flavor.  I think Salted Caramel is my favorite cupcake flavor, but sometimes a salted caramel cupcake doesn’t really taste very salted caramel-like.  This flavor was spot on!

2. They sell cupcake mixes so if you love getting Sprinkles cupcakes but don’t always want to wait in line at the store, you can pick up a couple mixes to take home and make yourself.

3. The location I went to (Newport Beach, CA) does not offer this service but a few Sprinkles locations do, so I think it’s worth mentioning…Sprinkles has cupcake ATM’s.  This is genius people!  This means when you’re craving a cupcake at 2am, you can make that happen.  Or maybe I’m the only person who craves cupcakes at 2 am…

4. They also serve ice cream

5. They offer free cupcakes.  For real!  You need to follow Sprinkles on Twitter because they regularly (almost daily) offer deals for free cupcakes!

Where should I head next on my Cupcake Adventures?



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