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Cupcake Adventures – Mulberries Cake Shop

I absolutely love stumbling upon cupcake shops!  A lot of the shops I visit are planned out ahead of time, but then occasionally I’ll just be driving, see a shop, and quick make a stop.  While I was in Denver, I came across  Mulberries Cake Shop and so I quick popped in for a cupcake! Mulberries Cake Shop | Girl on the Move Blog

Five things I loved about Mulberries Cake Shop…

1. I absolutely loved all of the bright colors.  Most of the cupcakes were variations on a few basic bases, but the frostings were such bright and inviting colors!

2. Mulberries serves cupcakes but the heart of their business is cakes…and they are absolutely gorgeous!

3. They don’t use fondant!  All of their cupcakes and cakes use buttercream frosting instead of fondant.

4. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly which seems like it should be standard but since it’s not, I wanted to make sure and include it on the list of things I love!

5. Y’all, they have a cupcake happy hour!!!  That’s right…from 3-5pm if you buy one cupcake, you get one FREE!

Next time you’re in Denver, stop by Mulberries Cake Shop…and if you live in Denver, be sure to order your next cake from them!


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