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Cupcake Adventures ~ Tomgirl Baking Company

Remember my recent confession that I had driven by Nothing Bundt Cakes repeatedly and yet never tried them.  Well this week’s cupcake shop requires another confession.  Tomgirl Baking Company is even closer to my house and get this, it’s on my way to Target…the Target I go to at least twice a week!  So I have NO excuses for taking this long to visit Tomgirl!

In no particular order, here are five things I loved about Tomgirl Baking Company…

1. Tomgirl doesn’t only serve cupcakes…you can also stop by throughout the day to get breakfast or lunch!

2. The frosting was light and airy.  In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a cupcake with a heavy frosting.

3. Look at the little jewel sprinkles on the top of the cupcake…just a small touch that I think takes the cupcake to the next level!  And y’all know I love the details…greatness is in the details!

Tomgirl Baking Company | Girl on the Move Blog

4. The cake part of the cupcake was moist.  Just like I don’t like heavy frosting, I don’t like a dry cake and this one did not disappoint!

5. They not only offer full-size cupcakes, but mini cupcakes as well…perfect for when you want to try more than one flavor!

And now I am on a mission to make sure there are no more local cupcake shops that I have missed on my cupcake adventures!


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