December Scopers Challenge

I’m pretty sure Periscope just gets better and better with every passing month.  It could be because I’ve finally figured out who I need to unfollow (you’ll definitely want to check out this list so you can avoid these scoping sins!) and it could be because this scoping challenge group just continues to be more amazing…but whatever the reason, I am becoming more and more addicted to Periscope!  Back when Lauren, from Working Mom Magic, and I started September Scopers, and then continued the challenge with October Scopers and then November Scopers, we had no idea how awesome it would be…but we’d love to have you join us for #DecemberScopers!

This month I wanted to share a few accounts I HIGHLY recommend following…

Tara Newman – Absolutely outstanding business advice…I learn something from every single one of her scopes!

Melyssa Griffin (The Nectar Collective) – If you want tips and inspiration to turn your blog into full-time income, Melyssa is your girl!

Amanda (Run to the Finish) – I love Amanda’s running tips and inspiration..and you can’t help but smile as you’re giving fist bumps!

Taylor Bradford (Boss Girl Creative) – I look forward to her weekly Q & A scopes all week long because I learn soooo much!

December Scopers challenge...a daily periscope challenge

To join us for #DecemberScopers all you need to do is jump on Periscope and add the December Scopers hashtag to your title…there are no rules about following the prompts exactly, do what works for you!

There are a few ways you can connect with other #DecemberScopers…

  • The Facebook group!  Join us over on Facebook to share your handle, replays and ask all of your scoping questions!
  • Explore the #DecemberScopers hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to connect with other people participating…it truly is a fabulous group!
  • Find me on Periscope so we can watch each other’s broadcasts!

I’d love to hear…Have you tried Periscope?  If you have, what do you think of it?  If you haven’t, what’s been holding you back?  Also, I’d love more recommendations of which accounts I should be following so leave all of your suggestions below!


  1. I have been off the grid these last two weeks. Now I’m almost too nervous to start again, but it’s exciting! I love that you and Lauren are keeping this going. Here’s to a new month!

    1. I’ve been off the grid as well because the last few weeks have been CRAZY! But I’m hoping to be back in December! I’ve missed seeing you!

  2. OMG! I am so happy to have found this challenge. I have seen you doing it in the past and now I get to join in on the fun! And of course, I am super excited Amanda at Runtothefinish is on your list. I mean, she is my running Coach! Fist bump!!! Since I am always cooking in my scopes, I don’t get to chat with everyone as much, so I am really looking forward to just getting to know everyone! Woo hoo!

    1. Awww…I’m so glad to have you join us and can’t wait to connect with you in the FB group!!! And now we’ll need to have an in-person meet up!

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