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Denver, Colorado

After spending the last couple of months without much traveling (not easy for this Girl on the Move!) I was off to Denver this past weekend!  As I prepped for my trip last week I began to get a little worried because of this…

Denver Forecast

I may have lived in Philadelphia for seven years but after 18 months back in California I have to admit that my body has started to adjust to warmer temperatures and I’m just not sure if I could handle temps like this!  So when I was packing I decided to throw a little of the California sunshine in my bag and bring that along…people of Denver: you can thank me for your beautiful weather this weekend!

Welcome to Denver

Even though this was just a quick 48-hour work trip, Denver is my second favorite city in the U.S. (behind Chicago) so I was excited to be back in the Mile High City!  Between my Thirty-One commitments I was able to sneak in some Denver fun and now I am even more excited to head back to Denver this summer!

Cupcakes….y’all know how I feel about cupcakes so of course I had one in Denver (review coming next week!)

Salty CaramelAvocado Fries…I really am a California girl because I love avocados so when I saw this on the menu at the Citron Bistro I knew we had to have them!  The jury is still out on my thoughts on these fries…

Exercise Friendly…Denver is such an incredibly exercise friendly city!  We spent some time at the R.E.I. flagship store, walked along the South Platte River and added the Aquarium to our list of things to do this summer!  Imagine how much more excited I will be about this path when there is no snow and ice in the picture!

South Platte River

Syrup…Discovered this restaurant but didn’t get to eat there 🙁  Good thing I’ll be back this summer!


On previous trips to Denver I have been to Coors Field to see the Rockies play, had breakfast at Snooze, (AMAZING breakfast!) and tried a couple of other cupcakes.  Is there anything I should add to my Must Do This in Denver Pinterest board?!?


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