Dessert – Chocolate Bowls

A couple of months ago I found this picture on Pinterest…

But instead of linking to a website like almost every other picture on Pinterest it sent me to a blank Google page…ugghh.

The pictures made the project look pretty easy so I decided to give it a try, but it was in fact a bit more challenging than I was expecting.  First you need to blow up balloons to use as your molds.  I would strongly encourage you to not overdo it when you are blowing up the balloons…the bigger you make them, the more difficult the project!

The next step is to melt the chocolate (I just used straight chocolate chips) and then dip the balloons in the chocolate.

After you dip the bowl in the chocolate put a little chocolate on your cookie sheet before putting the covered balloon on the cookie sheet to dry.  I can’t say for sure that this step is necessary but I will tell you that the ONE time we forgot this step the balloon exploded…so don’t skip this step!

(Note: I did this project with six-year-olds so not all of the balloons look perfect, but as my mom reminds me, “It’s the process not the product,” and they sure loved the project!)

Once you have all the balloons dipped and on your cookie sheet put them in the freezer to harden.  I think if you leave them in there long enough the balloons will shrink on their own but I didn’t have time for that so after the chocolate had hardened I carefully removed the balloons from the chocolate and voila…chocolate bowls!

And now I can move one more pin from it’s original board to my From Pinterest to Real Life board…since isn’t that the point of pinterest…to actually make the things you find on the site?

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