DIY Spice Organization

Each year I pick one word to represent what I am striving for that year and in 2014 that word is intentional.  I want to be intentional with my time, talents, resources, thoughts…and space!  So that means some reorganization in my kitchen to make things more accessible and easier to use.  I don’t know about all of you, but my spices always seem to take up too much space and there never seems to be a good system for them.  I do keep them alphabetically, but they seem to be in all different size containers, and are difficult to stack and find in the cupboard.

This was as good as it got in my cupboard…

Spices - Before

But after adding a piece of furniture to the dining room and rearranging some drawers in my kitchen I had an empty drawer to work with and decided to convert my spice cupboard to a spice drawer…

Spice - AfterAnd here’s the great thing (or things!)…everything is uniform in size (my OCD tendencies love this!), everything can be changed really easily and I can label them with when I got the spices so I make sure I keep my spices fresh!  Here’s how I did it…

-Went to the Dollar Tree (love that place!) and bought 40 small plastic containers (I am fortunate that my drawer is the exact size to hold 4 containers across!)

-Took all of the lids off and lined them up outside and spray painted them with chalkboard paint

-After all of the lids were dry I put all of the spices in the new containers and labeled the tops with a chalk pen.

-Organized the new containers in the drawer alphabetically (that makes the most sense to my OCD brain!)

Spice Drawer DIY Project

I’m in love with the finished project!!!

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