Dutch Themed Dinner

Over the last year or so my parents have hosted several themed dinner and game nights!  Among a few others, they’ve served Indian, Korean, and Swiss themed meals  so for their most recent dinner it only seemed fitting that we look to our own heritage and do a Dutch themed dinner.  Before I show you what we made I would just like to say…you will probably never head out to a Dutch themed restaurant on a Friday night!  You will however want to stop by a Dutch bakery on Saturday morning because if nothing else we get the baked goods right!

Wooden Shoes

While my mom and I were planning the menu we found a blog that explained there are three important things you need to know about Dutch cooking…

1. You boil the hell out of it!

2. You mash the hell out of it!

3. And then you mix them together!

Thanks to a great recommendation on Facebook we found some recipes to try and I’m pretty proud to say that all but one of the recipes turned out!

Pigs in a BlanketPigs in a Blanket – These pigs had a delicious, flaky crust for a blanket!

Wilted Lettuce SaladWilted Lettuce Salad – I have to admit that when I first read the name of this I was a little turned off because wilted lettuce just didn’t sound appealing.  And then I realized that you added bacon to the salad and the dressing was made using bacon drippings…my brother would love this!


Dutch Casserole – A soup with kale, potatoes, and kilbasa…I’m just going to assume that because there is kale it is reasonably healthy 😉

Ollie BolonOllie Bolon – Just a little bit of heaven!  If nothing else, Dutch people know how to do baked goods right!

ShuffleboardFor the game portion of the evening we played some great Dutch games…Dutch Blitz and Shuffleboard!

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