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If you are new to this blog then one thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love to travel!  I will look for any excuse to explore a new city and see what all they have to offer, but there are five cities in the U.S. that I don’t mind going back to again and again.  So, I wanted to take a few weeks and share those cities with you.

Today I’ll give you a little bit of an overview and then for the next five weeks I have some great guest posts lined up from bloggers who are lucky enough to live in these five cities.  These bloggers are going to share where to eat, what to do, things you can’t miss…and all from a local’s perspective!   Y’all are not going to want to miss this series! My Favorite Cities | Girl on the Move Blog

And now on to my favorite cities…if you click on the name of the city you can take a tour of that city!  In no particular order, I love…

San Diego – I live in Southern California so I don’t really have any weather complaints, but San Diego takes perfect weather to a whole new level!  I feel very fortunate that I can be in San Diego in less than 90 minutes!

Nashville – Not only is Nashville home to country music (which I LOVE!), but it is also home to so many of my favorite authors and inspirational people…it truly is a city teeming with talent!

Chicago – From a green river on St. Patrick’s Day, to strolling down Michigan Ave, to Navy Pier, I just absolutely love the vibe Chicago offers.

Denver – I know I said there was no particular order, but Denver has really stolen my heart!  If you love food, Denver has a lot to offer.  And don’t forget about that little mountain range just outside of the city where you can get your hearts fill of outdoor activities!

Philadelphia – This one might not make it to the top of everyone’s favorite cities list, but my seven years living in Philadelphia after college, left me in love with the City of Brotherly Love.  Not only does Philly have a lot to offer on it’s own, but it’s prime location on the East Coast makes so many other cities really accessible from Philly.

This year I am trying to get to all five!  I’ve already been to Nashville, San Diego and Denver, and I’m working on scheduling trips to Chicago and Philadelphia…any year where I can get to all five is a successful year in my book!

Don’t forget to come back next Thursday for a fabulous post on all things San Diego!

What are your favorite cities to visit in the U.S.?


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