February 2014 Foodie Penpal

I love getting to be a part of the the monthly Foodie Penpal program over at The Lean Green Bean and this month was no exception!  This month I was matched with Mary over at Eat & Be Mary.  Mary lives in New Jersey, so I was excited to get some goodies from all the way across the country!

February 2014 Foodie Penpal | Girl on the Move BlogOh my word, this box is filled with so many wonderful goodies…

-Fun Dip…I love that Mary included a Valentine in the box 🙂

-Ding Dong, Potato Fries, and Cracklings…Filipino snacks

FPP Treats | Girl on the Move Blog

-Blueberry Trailmix and Chocolate Pretzels…Mary’s fave snacks when she’s at work in NYC (side note…I love visiting NYC so I’m a little jealous that Mary gets to be there regularly!)

Trailmix | Girl on the Move Blog

-Ginger Coconut Candy and Spicy Peanuts…Korean snacks

I love the diversity of the treats in the box and can’t wait to sample all of them, because what I’ve tasted so far has been delicious!

In case you’ve missed the previous months, check out my Foodie Penpal goodies from January and November!  And if this looks like something you want to be a part of head over HERE to sign up on Lindsay’s blog!

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  • Evie DenOuden

    Just a thought….after you get your next box, can you share what you sent to represent you / California. I would love to see what you sent out each month.

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