Fish Fest 2014

Summer is officially here and that means this girl is going to be on the move!  I am excited to share my summer adventures with you and it is my hope that you leave feeling inspired to try something new this summer, go somewhere new, or take a new adventure!

I had the opportunity to attend Fish Fest 2014 this weekend (an annual event I hadn’t attended in about ten years!) with a couple of girlfriends and I had  a great time!  We were fortunate enough to have seats in the shade (a huge plus for this pale-skinned girl!) and have gorgeous views of Orange County, CA while we listened to a fabulous line-up of Christian artists! FishFest 2014 Friends | Girl on the Move Blog There is a main stage and a side stage but to save ourselves the hike up and down the hill from our seats, we decided to just stick it out at the main stage.  The afternoon kicked off with Dara Maclean and her set included her song, Wanted.  I have listened to this song on repeat quite a bit, so I was super excited to hear it live!  The afternoon continued with Jonathan Thulin, Plumb, and Graham Saber, before Tenth Avenue North took the stage.  Tenth Avenue North Worship | Girl on the Move Blog I absolutely love Tenth Avenue North and for me, they were the highlight of the day!  I don’t want to give you an exact number, but their songs have a play count somewhere in the hundreds on my iTunes.  I literally listen to their songs over and over and over, and I don’t get tired of listening…something that absolutely baffles my brother!  And they were even better live! Outstanding stage presence, very engaging, and incredibly genuine.  There was something pretty amazing about 16,000 people lifting their hands and worshiping during their set.

Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me wrapped up a great afternoon and evening!  I enjoyed spending time with friends, being outside to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather, and listening to great music!  It may have been ten years since I last attended FishFest, but I don’t intend to let another 10 years pass before I go again!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?  Do you have any music festivals near you that are a must attend?



  • Seana Turner

    This is so funny – when I clicked on the title of your blog I was assuming you were going to have a bunch of recipes for cooking fish!! Never heard of Fish Fest. But I am a HUGE fan of Christian bands. I think we have something similar on the East Coast called “Creation”, but it typically takes place just after school is out and we never get down there. Maybe someday!

    • jmdenouden@gmail.com

      Fish Fest is a lot like Creation (I lived in PA for seven years so I’m very familiar with Creation), except ours is only one day :/ And now you have me thinking I should do a fish inspired round-up!

  • Pam

    This looks like a lot of fun! My favorite concert was when I got to go with my best friend last year to see The Killers – my favorite band! They actually came to my hometown. It was back to school for teachers and made for a late night but it was so worth it!

    • jmdenouden@gmail.com

      It had been a really long time since I’d been to a concert as well and I’d forgotten how much fun they are!

  • Madaline

    I was totally expecting something with lots of fish being cooked! =). This looks like an awesome concert and that’s so awesome you could share this with your friends!!

    • jmdenouden@gmail.com

      I’m thinking I need to now do some type of fish fest post and include all of my favorite fish recipes!

  • Shelly @ Behind Blue Eyes

    The best concert is a toss up between Sublime & The Dirty Heads ringing in the New Year at Navy Pier, Flogging Molly on St. Patricks Day or Vans Warped Tour 2004 (although I was super drunk before I got there, passed out for quite a few hours and don’t really remember much of it at all except for the fact “it was the greatest time of my life” at that point in time lol

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