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Fit Travel Guide: Toronto

Toronto is not only the largest city in Canada, it is one of the largest (number four to be exact) cities in North America!  There are more than 300 days a year of sunshine, over 8,000 restaurants and is home to the largest single day parade in North America.  But a trip to Toronto doesn’t mean your fitness plans need to go on hiatus!

Here at Girl on the Move I am passionate about combining two of my loves…fitness and travel.  I am a firm believer that traveling doesn’t need to make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It’s a matter of making healthy, balanced food choices (I still eat cupcakes when I travel!) and finding ways to explore your destination that get you up and moving around.  And so the Fit Travel Guide series was born…join me as we explore cities around the world and I share ways to stay fit and active when you’re traveling.

Fit Travel Guide to Toronto with "Canoeing in Toronto" by Rob in a series of fit travel guides
Fit Travel Guide: Toronto

*Take a free walking tour when you’re downtown

*Stop by Fresh for a bite to eat where you can try modern vegetarian food or place a juice order and watch it be made right before your eyes

*Stop by the Toronto Climbing Academy for an afternoon of rock climbing

*Combine your workout with fabulous views of the city with these top 5 places to climb stairs

Fit Travel Guide to Toronto
*Live a little on the wild side with a stop at EdgeWalk with a walk around the building…more than 100 stories in the air!

*The city has more than 1,500 parks with numerous open spaces and 600 km of trails. The parks system covers 8,000 hectares, or roughly 13% of the city’s land area!  Which means there is a lot of space to stay active…or go for a run!  You can take a ferry over to Toronto Islands for not only gorgeous views but also, beach volleyball, Toronto Island Challenge Course, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking and more!

*Plan to spend some time at Ashbridges Bay Park where you can bike, hike, swim and more

*Head over to Centennial Park where you can go skiing…right in the city!  The ski hill sits atop what was once a municipal dump. It was closed and covered over to provide visitors with a snowboard slope, a beginning slope and an intermediate slope.

*Grab a bike and hit the trails with this Toronto Cycling Map…a great way to explore the city while getting exercise

What else would you suggest doing in Toronto?



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