Cupcake Adventures: Flour Street Bakery

Cupcake Adventures | Girl on the Move BlogI think all of us could learn a lesson or two from little J as he dives into his cupcake from Flour Street Bakery!  I wish I lived life with that much abandon!

A few months ago my cousin told me about Flour Street Bakery (Bellflower, CA) but until recently I haven’t had the opportunity to go, and now I realize I’ve been missing out!  There were a couple of things that really stood out to me about Flour Street Bakery…

*You can watch them work!  I love that they have windows by their decorating and baking stations so you can watch them do their magic!

Flour Street Bakery in Action | Girl on the Move Blog

*They serve a maple cupcake with bacon!  And even better they offered to heat up the cupcake just a touch, and you know what?  It was AMAZING!  The cupcake tasted like a pancake, and since my breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, that’s a good thing in my book!  And I’m hoping that just seeing all that bacon on top of the cupcake will help entice my brother to come to Southern California for a visit!

Maple Bacon Cupcake | Girl on the Move Blog

The staff was really friendly, I had a great experience and I can’t wait to go back!

Do you have a cupcakery near you that I should visit next?


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