From Pinterest to Real Life – III

I made some yummy treats this week that I made from recipes I had pinned…I should make some of the projects I’ve pinned come to life as well instead of just the recipes…

First up was the Wingless Buffalo Chicken Lasagna from Taste of Home…and can I just say yum?!?

I also made an amazing Lemon Bundt Cake from Mix and Match Mama (by the way this past year she’s been posting bundt cake variations so if you are looking for a good bundt cake recipe I would highly recommend checking out her page…last count there were 48 bundt cakes posted!)  You may notice that the picture below looks nothing like a bundt cake…that’s because after I mixed up the batter I realized I didn’t own a bundt pan.  How is that even possible?!?  So I had to improvise and I have to admit it turned out okay…but now a bundt pan is on my list of things to buy!

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