From Pinterest to Real Life – V

And the trend continues of non-food pins coming to life!  Just don’t expect it to last long because I pin so many recipes that look amazing so I’ll only be able to resist making them for so long!

I absolutely love Pottery Barn, but my budget doesn’t always allow for me to decorate my house with Pottery Barn 🙁  But then I saw an amazing Pottery-Barn inspired star on Pinterest and fell in love.

Creating this star…

…Turned out to be a lot more difficult than I expected.  Mostly because I don’t own any sort of saw.  So you can imagine my brother’s reaction when I called him while I was working on this project and asked…

“Do you think I could use a drill to trim the dowels?”

I mean really, what was I thinking?!?  But desperate times call for desperate measures and so I drilled little tiny holes in a row to allow me to break off the ends of the dowels.

Was it the best way of getting the job done?  Absolutely not!

Will my brother ever let me live that down? Probably not!

Did I get a Pottery-Barn style star for less than $10?  Sure did!

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