From Pinterest to Real Life – VII

I’m about to change your life.  For real.

These two tips that I found on Pinterest, and then brought to real life are truly life changing.

One is a beauty tip and one is a financial tip….and I know all of you have searched for one, or both, of those during a late night Google search when you were trying to find ways to get rich and become more beautiful…so here are some answers that you’ve been looking for, enjoy the tips and you can thank me later!

Beauty Tip – Brown Sugar Scrub

I love finding great beauty tips…especially inexpensive tips!  And this is one you can make with just three simple ingredients and they are all in your kitchen.  It’s a brown sugar scrub that is super easy to make and the scrub will leave you feeling oh so soft!

Financial Tip – $5 Savings Jar

I had heard this advice almost 6 months ago and then found it on pinterest and boy am I glad I tried this one!  Someone told me that the $5 bill is the least used denomination of currency (at least for the paper kind) and so one way to save money is that every time you get a $5 bill, throw it in a jar.  It doesn’t seem super painful because it’s not a huge amount of money but it’s enough money that it doesn’t take too long to add up!

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