From Pinterest to Real Life – X

These From Pinterest to Real Life posts might just be favorite posts each week because even if I don’t bring to life a high percentage of things that I pin each week…at least I’m making some of them!

After all the peanut butter of last week I figured it was time to at least do something a little healthier…because nothing says healthy like bacon right?!?  At least that’s my brother’s opinion!

But in all seriousness, even though adding the bacon may take away some of the health benefits, overall this was a nutritious dish!  My mom has a certain disdain for brussels sprouts and in fact remarked that in her opinion, they taste kind of like dirt! But not these brussels sprouts!  She thought these Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon tasted good…

And now on to the chicken!  I pinned these Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Dashing Dish and re-discovered them while browsing my Pinterest boards for dinner inspiration, and boy am I glad that I did!  The chicken was delicious and going back and looking at Katie’s site piqued my interest in her personal health coaching options…something to think about!

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