From Pinterest to Real Life – XII

Last winter when I was scouring the internet for a bundt cake recipe I found this great blog called Mix and Match Mama!  Shay has tons of great bundt cake recipes (and yummy dinner recipes!) and so I check back periodically to see what new cakes she has posted and add them to my Pinterest because I know they’ll be a big hit if I need to bring a cake somewhere!

And then recently I realized that not only does Mix and Match Mama have amazing recipes but her brother is going to be the new Bachelor!  This week they announced that her brother (Sean Lowe…one of my favorite contestants ever because I love his faith and values) will be the Bachelor so it seemed like the perfect week to bring two of her recipes that I had pinned to real life.  And it’s really too bad that I have so many more recipes on my Pinterest boards to try because I’d love to make these again!

Pumpkin Sausage Pasta…I know that it might sound strange to put pumpkin with your pasta, but trust me…it’s a good idea!

Caramel Apple Cider Bundt Cake…do I even need to explain why you should try this cake?!?  It has caramel.  It has apples.  Enough said.  But if you’re not sure, let me also say that this was one of the moistest cakes I’ve ever had!

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