From Pinterest to Real Life – XV

I don’t know about all of you but I have several (okay, maybe more than several!) blogs that I read very regularly.  These blogs range from fabulous travel getaways, to great recipe ideas, to DIY craft projects, and great inspiration.

One of my favorites is Ree over at Pioneer Woman (and she doesn’t just have a blog, she also has a tv show!).  If you have never heard of her site you are truly missing out and I recommend heading over there immediately!  And you’ll want to check out her book, The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–A Love Story.  Not only is it a great love story, but laugh out loud funny!  And once you finish the book, pick up a copy of her cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From my Frontier…I have a copy in my kitchen and love her recipes in the book!

So when I saw Ree’s recipe for Spinach Artichoke Pasta I immediately pinned the recipe and couldn’t wait to try it later!  You see, my all-time favorite party dip is spinach artichoke dip…so I couldn’t wait to try it in pasta form! And let me just say, UH-MAZING!!!

And if you have any recommendations for blogs I should add to my list of blogs to read let me know!

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