From Pinterest to Real Life – XXI

Continuing with the theme from last week’s Pinterest to Real Life post I thought I would share some more healthy eating (and drinking options) for you!

Detox Water

While browsing Pinterst for healthy recipe ideas I came across this detox water.  One of the things I liked about the water is that it wasn’t same crazy cleanse that was going to leave me starving, crabby, and ready to snap at any moment!  It is water, infused with lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves, designed to encourage you to drink and therefore naturally rid your body of toxins.

Refrigerator OatmealOvernight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal…Now before you begin to judge a book by its cover, let me assure that even if the thought of cold uncooked oatmeal leaves you uneasy, this was a quick and yummy breakfast!  A couple of things I really liked about this oatmeal…

– You make the oatmeal the night before which makes mornings a lot easier because breakfast is grab-and-go…while still being healthy!

– I liked the option to make the oatmeal a variety of flavors.  So far I have only made the Cinnamon-Apple flavor but I can’t wait to try more!

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